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Best Portland Chinese Restaurants

Best Portland Chinese Restaurants Guide - Listed below are the best Portland Chinese restaurants located throughout our Portland neighborhoods.  Portland has no shortage of great restaurants, and finding your next delicious meal should be easier with this list of the best Chinese restaurants in Portland. 

You won't find any corporate chain restaurants here, there are plenty of those in town, but we are focusing on the independent local Portland Chinese restaurants.  We hope our insider's guide to Portland Chinese restaurants will help you select the best place to eat the next time you are in the mood for Chinese  in Portland.

What are the qualities that make for the best Chinese restaurant in Portland?  Obviously, freshness of ingredients and a creative touch is key!   If you enjoy the variety of tastes that Chinese food can offer, then here are a few of the best!  If it's Dim Sum you are after specifically, be sure to visit our Best Portland Dim Sum page.

It would seem that the best Chinese restaurants in Portland are located in SE Portland.  Some of the best local daves are Wong's King, Powell's Seafood Restaurant, and Kenny's Noodle House, just to name a few.  Not to be outdone, Old Town/China Town still retains a couple of local favorites that have been here for generations.

If it's Portland hot pot you are in search of, try Beijing Hot Pot, Hot Pot City.  If you're looking for vegetarian or vegan Chinese food, try Vegetarian House or Bay Leaf. 

Best Portland Chinese Restaurants by Neighborhood

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Downtown and in the Old Town China Town Neighborhood


Chen's Good Taste Restaurant
18 NW 4th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 223-3838

Fong Chong
301 NW 4th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 228-6868

Hot Pot City
1975 SW 1st Ave # J
Portland, OR 97201-5320
(503) 224-6696

House of Louie
331 NW Davis St
Portland, OR 97209-3924
(503) 228-9898

Hunan Restaurant
515 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97205-3427
(503) 224-8063

Lum Yuen
28 NW 4th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 229-1888

Wong Kee BBQ Restaurant
28 NW 4th Ave
Portland, OR 97209-3802
(503) 229-1888

Vegetarian House
22 NW 4th Ave
Portland, OR 97209-3802
(503) 274-0160


Hai Du Seafood Restaurant
5846 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 288-0629 

Zien Hong
5314 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97213-2565
(503) 288-4743


Ling Garden
915 NW 21st Ave
Portland, OR 97209-1410
(503) 227-6052

Wan Q
13535 NW Cornell Rd
Portland, OR 97229
(503) 644-0003



Bay Leaf Restaurant
4760 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97206
(503) 232-7066

Beijing Hot Pot
2768 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97266-1504
(503) 774-2525

Best Taste
8350 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97266
(503) 771-0812 

Fu Jin
3549 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214-5141
(503) 231-3753

Gold Garden
1818 SE 122nd Ave
Portland, OR 97233-1302
(503) 777-3399

Hoho Restaurant
3404 SE 39th Ave
Portland, OR 97202-1735
(503) 775-8888

Kenny's Noodle House
8305 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97266-2039
(503) 771-6868

8001 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97206-1065
(503) 777-2828

Lucky Strike Chinese Restaurant
12306 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97236
(503) 206-8292

Powell's Seafood Restaurant
6633 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97206-2635
(503) 775-3901

Mai Wah Restaurant
18088 SE Mcloughlin Blvd
Portland, OR 97267-6107
(503) 659-0323

707 NE 82ND Ave
Portland, OR 97220-5802
(503) 261-1689

Wong's King Seafood Restaurant
8733 SE Division St, Suite 101
Portland, OR 97266
(503) 788-8883


Steamers Asian Street Bistro
504 SW Madison Street
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 796-0111 

Portland Chinese Restaurant Reviews

There are several excellent Portland Chinese restaurant review websites.  It's always a good idea to read Portland restaurant reviews prior to selecting a restaurant to get a better understanding of what to expect.  If you find the best Chinese restaurant in Portland and we don't have it listed, let us know! Here are links to some of the most popular Portland restaurant reviews:

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Please contact us for additions or changes to the best Portland Chinese list.

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