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Portland Coffee Shops

Portland Coffee Shops:  Portland has hundreds of coffee shops. Many people say the huge success of Starbucks in the 90's is the main reason why independently owned and operated coffee houses thrive in Portland despite the major commercial presence and heavy competition of huge coffee retailers. 

With so many coffee houses to choose from, Portlanders enjoy a veritable quandary of options.  Great coffee is like fine wine and  connoisseurs will rejoice in the offerings to be had by local and regional powerhouse coffee roasters such as Coava, Echo, Lighthouse, Stumptown and more.  What most Portlanders already know is that they are incredibly lucky to have these cafes and roasters right here at home. Why?  Because many of these roasters and shops are setting national standards for quality and as such grace the pages of the New York Times, Imbibe Magazine, Roast and Sunset Magazine- to name a few. Learn more about Portland's coffee roasters.

The best cafes in Portland compete fiercely and do so by offering a variety of coffee options such as blends and single origins from several roasters, consumer education in the form of "coffee cuppings" and most importantly staff professional baristas who dominate in their field. Some of these baristas will have championship trophies from Barista competitions will which clearly attest to their dedication, passion and prowess in the coffee world.

Looking for a coffee shop?  You won't have to look far...

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A Cult Following: Portland Coffee Shops

The following independently owned Portland coffee shops are known far beyond the confines of Portland. Often mentioned in national publications such as The New York Times, Sunset Magazine and the Seattle Times (to name a few), these coffee shops enjoy a major cult following from locals and visitors alike. 

BARISTA Located in the Pearl District

Coffee House Northwest Located NW Portland

The Red E Cafe Located on Killingsworth near Piedmont

The Albina Press Located in Humboldt

The Fresh Pot  Located on Mississippi Ave and Hawthorne Ave

Stumptown  Many locations throughout Portland

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