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Portland Music Venues

Portland music venues are located in many Portland neighborhoods, and not just Downtown.  This is great, because you can find great Live Portland music just about anyplace.  We definitely have music venues that cater to certain types of music and counter cultures.  Portland music venues also come in any size and ambiance from huge stadium sized music at the Rose Quarter, to the tiny local pub for Bluegrass music.  Whatever your musical style, the Portland music scene is going strong.  Find the best Portland live music using our handy guide.

Portland Music Venues - Map

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Portland Live Music Scene

Here are your Portland bars, clubs, and neighborhood hang-outs all featuring Live Portland Music.  You can usually find music 7 nights a week someplace in town.  Just check with the clubs or on-line for the latest Portland music events and Portland music events calendar.  This is by no means an all inclusive list, because there are dozens--if not hundreds--of live music venues in town.  This list just represents some of the most popular.  View the map above for even more Portland music venues throughout town.  Many of the larger acts are featured in the clubs Downtown and in Old Town, with others over the river at the Wonder Ballroom, and throughout various neighborhoods.

Aladdin Theater - 3017 SE Milwaukie Ave. Portland, OR 97255


(503) 233-1994

Berbati's - 231 SW Ankeny St Portland, OR 97204

Berbati sTICKETS 

(503) 248-4579


Bonfire Lounge - 2821 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97214

(503) 232-3704


Candlelight Cafe - 2032 SW Fifth Ave Portland, OR 97201 

(503) 222-3378


Dante's - 1 SW 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97204 

(503) 226-6630


Doug Fir - 830 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97214 

(503) 231-9663


Eastburn - 1800 E Burnside Portland, OR 97214 

(503) 236-2876


Fez Ballroom - 316 SW 11th Ave Portland, OR 97205

(503) 221-7262


Goodfoot Lounge - 2845 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97214 

(503) 239-9292


Hawthorne Theatre - 1507 SE 39th AVE Portland, OR 97214 

(503) 233-7100


The Know - 2026 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211 

(503) 473-8729


McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom - 1332 W Burnside St Portland, OR 97209 

Crystal Ballroom TICKETS

(503) 225-0047


Mississippi Studios - 3939 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97227 

(503) 288-3895


Rotture - 315 SE 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97214 

(503) 234-5683


Satyricon - 125 NW 6th Ave Portland, OR 97209 

(503) 224-4400 


Someday Lounge - 125 NW 5th Ave Portland, OR 97253 

(503) 248-1030

The Artistery - 4315 SE Division St Portland, OR 97206 

(503) 803-5942


Tonic Lounge - 3100 NE Sandy Boulevard Portland, OR 97232 

(503) 238-0543


Valentine's - 232 SW Ankeny St Portland, OR 97253 

(503) 248-1613


White Eagle Saloon - 836 N Russell St Portland, OR 97227

(503) 282-6810


Wonder Ballroom - 128 NE Russell St Portland, OR 97212 

Wonder Ballroom TICKETS

(503) 284-8686


Classical Portland Music Events

This list covers the mainstream cultural Portland music events and Portland music venues.  If you enjoy the opera or symphony, then Portland won't disappoint you, and if your taste leans towards something less mainstream, then Portland has that too. Purchase Concert Tickets

Portland Opera

Portland Symphony

Portland Baroque Orchestra

Portland Symphonic Choir

Portland Taiko

Chamber Music Northwest


Portland Rose Garden Arena - Portland Rose Quarter

Portland Rose Quarter

The home to the big Portland  music venues, the Rose Quarter and Rose Garden Arena packs in the big tickets and big names in music when they come to Portland.


If you are looking for more ideas, visit our Things to Do in Portland page. Are we missing your Portland music venues from this page?  No problem, just contact us so we can add it, or add your own event to the Portland Oregon events calendar.  

Looking for the freshest live music in Portland?  Join our online Portland social network and you'll get the weekly Portland events rundown posted on the blog each weekend so you'll always know what's going on in Portland.  And, if you're a band or club owner, you can even add your own live music shows to our calendar yourself.

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