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Portland Oregon Weather

Portland Oregon Weather is known for gray skies and lots of rain, like most of the Pacific Northwest.  But it doesn't rain all the time--mostly just during winter months.  If you can tolerate  the long, wet winters, there are many great qualities about Portland weather, as well.  For one thing, if you don't like driving in the snow, rain is nice in comparison.  And if you like snow, all you have to do is take a short drive from Portland  up to Mt. Hood and find great ski conditions in the winter.  

Portland, Oregon, weather forecast

We don't get huge extremes of weather, because Portland is a temperate climate.  Our coldest month is usually January (daily temperatures ranging in the 30s), and our hottest month is typically August (daily temperatures in the 80s). We have gorgeous sunny skies in the summer time, and generally fairly mild temperatures in the winter compared to colder regions of the country.  Thunderstorms are fairly rare, and we hardly ever see tornadoes in Portland.  We aren't subject to hurricanes and other weather-related natural disasters.  The weather in Portland Oregon can seem quite nice compared to many areas of the country, in fact.

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Portland Weather

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