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Portland Sports Guide

Your source of Portland sports information on local teams, tickets, events, sports bars and more in Portland, Oregon. We Portlanders love our local sports teams. Get out and have some fun!

Sports Bars in Portland - Ah yes...we heard you! The "who's who" of Portland sports bars!!

The Portland Winter Hawks - Portland's fantastic hockey team! This is a great site for you hockey fans-- get schedules, player biographies, Winter Hawk 'gear', tickets and much more!

The Portland Timbers - Portland soccer fans-- we know you're out there and you're crazy about soccer! Well, here's everything you need to know about your favorite local team!

The Portland Beavers - Portland Baseball...The Beavers! Get game tickets, the latest scoop and some Beaver-Gear here!

The Portland Trail Blazers - Professional Basketball fans...Get team information, tickets, schedules, meet the BlazerDancers and even catch up with the Blazers blog!

The Portland Lumberjax - Finally, Portland Lacrosse is here!

Portland State Vikings - Check this link out for information on PSU's athletic program.

The Portland Pilots - Check this link out for information on UP's athletic program.

The Rose City Rollers - Ladies Roller Derby!! "...a group of strong, good-natured dedicated women who skate fast, spill hard & get up smiling. We work hard, but play as hard as we work."

Portland Sports Complex - Tired of watching sports and want to sweat a little yourself?

Portland Ticket Brokers - Tickets, tickets, tickets...

PGE Park - Park event schedule, tickets, directions and more!

Portland Rose Quarter - The home to Portland sports events (the Portland Trailblazers) as well as big music venues, sports competitions, and other events.  Tickets to All Sporting Events

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Maps - View Neighborhoods and Boundaries

To locate specific Portland neighborhoods on the map, view one of the links below:

Clickable Neighborhood Map

Portland Neighborhood Boundary Map 

Individual Neighborhood Maps

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Boise / Mississippi Avenue

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