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Bridgeton is located in North Portland along Marine Drive. It is bordered by the Kenton, Piedmont, and East Columbia neighborhoods, and Hayden Island and the Columbia River to the north. Major freeway ramps also run alongside Bridgeton for quick access to I-5, downtown Portland, and other north and northeast Portland neighborhoods. Being so close to the freeway does not detract from the livability of Bridgeton, however, as the ramps are not located directly in the neighborhood, but on the outskirts. 

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Bridgeton Neighborhood Features

Bridgeton offers a charming, small-town community feel, where many neighbors know each other by name. The area is a marine community as it is located in the south channel of the Columbia River. Bridgeton residents, while in Oregon, are located just about halfway between Portland and Vancouver, Washington, making dining and shopping that much more varied in terms of options. Commuting to both cities is quick and easy during off hours, but northbound traffic on I-5 is often bottlenecked during rush hour.

Some issues Bridgeton residents care about include the environment, water safety, traffic and noise control, and the proposed Columbia River Crossing project. “The Columbia River Crossing project is aimed at improving the mobility, reliability, and accessibility for automobile, freight, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian users of the I-5 corridor from State Route 500 in Vancouver to approximately Columbia Boulevard in Portland. Through an inclusive, collaborative process, this project will deliver a financially feasible solution that strengthens the regional economy and strives to support community livability.” 

The Max light rail train is easily accessed by Bridgeton residents, and the I-5 freeway is also very close and convenient. Bridgeton is located in very close proximity to the Portland International Airport just a few minutes drive east off of Marine Drive. Airport noise has been a concern and annoyance to some Bridgeton neighbors.

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Bridgeton Neighborhood Businesses of Note

Heavy Plays Restaurant & Cafe

Heavy Plays is Bridgeton’s only local restaurant, providing the neighborhood with a variety of scrumptious comfort foods like mac and cheese; potato wedges; po boy, roast beef, turkey, and ham & cheese sandos for lunch, not to mention pastas, lamb chops, and seafood dishes, including gumbo and rice. Desserts include banana pudding, peach cobbler, and their famous peach cobbler cupcakes.

After you’ve tasted their delicious and satisfying fare, keep them in mind for all your catering needs. And if you want to hold your next event or celebration on the premises, they have two spaces perfect for your needs: a private dining room that seats 15, and a their main dining room, which seats 100.

Heavy Plays Restaurant & Cafe—901 N Anchor Way

Bridgeton Neighborhood Parks and Recreation

Bridgeton Slough Walking Path—A short trail running from NE Bridgeton and Marine Dr. parallel to the slough. A planned extension along the levee will connect to the Expo Center.

Bridgeton Neighborhood Community Resources

Bridgeton Neighborhood Association

Bridgeton Neighborhood Vibe

Active and outdoorsy. This is a beautiful area with a much different vibe than the rest of urban Portland. Bridgeton offers a charming, small-town community feel where neighbors know each other by name. Here, you’ll find people living on the water in floating homes, with a genuine appreciation for their scenic natural surroundings. You might see people feeding the ducks or greeting the other featured friends who share the neighborhood, like “Gus,” the local goose.

Bridgeton Neighborhood Stats

Zip Code—97217

Crime Stats

Bridgeton Neighborhood History

In 1907, the Columbia School was constructed in Bridgeton. Housing development came later, between 1915 and 1930. The name of the post office that served the area from August, 1921 to June, 1935 was Faloma, a name still used by the USGS. At its conception, locals created the name using the initials of landowners Force, Love, and Moore, when the U.S. Postal Service said the name “Bridgeton” was too ordinary.

While not a lot can be found about the history of this unique neighborhood, it was documented as once being a thriving farming and fishing community.

After crime and traffic issues became a problem, The Bridgeton Neighborhood Association was formed in March 1992. When a request to rezone the area to allow a superstore nearby, the Association successfully defeated the proposal, a showing of the residents’ fortitude in maintaining the neighborhood’s simple, earthy vibe.

Bridgeton Neighborhood Neighborhood Real Estate and Homes for Sale

The types of homes you’ll find in Bridgeton vary from traditional residential homes, house boats and floating homes, townhomes, condos, and some up-scale apartments. While Bridgeton’s lifestyle seems miles away from the urban living in downtown Portland, Bridgeton is only about a 15-minute drive to downtown along I-5, and a similar short distance from the Portland International Airport. There’s a ton of local shopping nearby at Jantzen Beach Shopping Center. So, if you want to live a water-focused lifestyle, feeling as though you are somewhat away from it all and yet still close enough to modern conveniences, Bridgeton might be for you.

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