Crestwood Neighborhood Guide

The Crestwood neighborhood is located in southwest Portland. It is bordered by Ashcreek, Multnomah, West Portland Park, and Far SW neighborhoods.

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Features of Crestwood Neighborhood

Like many of the neighborhoods in southwest Portland, Crestwood is a mix of dense urban and nature. Wooded in spots yet with close proximity to Multnomah Village and Portland, it’s a great place to call home. Whether you take I-5 or Barbur Blvd., downtown Portland is only 10 minutes away. This quiet neighborhood, also like many in Portland’s southwest, is graced with two large parks.

Crestwood Neighborhood Parks

Woods Memorial Natural Area

Woods Memorial Natural Area comprises the uppermost northeast corner of Crestwood neighborhood. Almost 45 acres in size, it was gifted to Multnomah County by the Southwest Hills Kiwanis Club in 1950, specifying that the area be used as a park. The City of Portland acquired ownership in 1988.

Within the boundaries of the park, you’ll find mostly native landscape including cedar, Douglas fir, oaks, Oregon grape, trillium, willow, and more, offering a quiet natural setting that draws wildlife in the meadow and along the creek, all of which you can experience by taking a walk on Marigold Trail.

Woods Memorial Natural Area – 9550 SW Wood Pkwy

Dickinson Park and Woods

Dickinson Park and Woods is an ideal spot for adults and kids alike. Adults can enjoy lovely views on this 18-acre expanse while the kids play on a climbing structure made by Landscape Structures and have fun with the talk tubes. Note: The area is undeveloped, and there are no bathrooms at Dickinson. That aside, it’s a great place to wind down at the end of the day and watch the sun set.

Dickinson Park and Woods – SW 55th Ave

Crestwood Neighborhood Resources

Crestwood Neighborhood Association

Crestwood Neighborhood Schools

Elementary School: Markham Elementary School
Middle School: Jackson Middle School
High School: Ida B. Wells High School

Crestwood Neighborhood Vibe

Crestwood, sometimes considered an extension of Multnomah Village, has the same low-key urban feel found in other bordering southwest Portland neighborhoods complemented by expansive natural areas. Many of the residents here commute to nearby Portland, Hillsboro, or Beaverton for work and come home to enjoy the quiet.

Crestwood Neighborhood Stats

Zip Code 97219

Crime Stats

Census Data 2020

Total Population

  • Population Density: 4,453.0
  • Total Population: 6,262
  • Percent Population Increase Between 2010 – 2020: 10.9

Total Population by Age

  • Total Population Age 18 and Over: 4,972
  • Percent Population Age 18 and Over: 79.4

Total Population by Race

  • Total White alone: 5,002
  • Percent White alone: 79.9 
  • Total Hispanic or Latino: 389
  • Percent Hispanic or Latino: 6.2


  • Total Housing Units: 2,544
  • Total Occupied Housing Units: 2,485
  • Percent Occupied Housing Units: 97.7

Crestwood Neighborhood Real Estate

You won’t find a lot of vintage homes in Crestwood like you’ll see in the older sections of Portland. Real estate in Crestwood consists mostly of modern architecture, like ranches and contemporary Craftsman styles, as well as some condo complexes.

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