Heaven’s Archives offers antiques and collectibles, glass, rugs and furniture, antique restoration and repair, and redesign services. The business also partners with the Teach Me to Fish program to offer job training to at-risk youth and adults. The vision is that as the staff at Heaven’s Archives works to find treasure among what other might consider trash, and restore worn pieces into their original beauty – they will also be employing those skills on themselves. Specific focus is on the older adult demographic, who find themselves displaced and out of work during these difficult times. “Our store will be a place where a 21 year old on parole can learn retail management and furniture restoration,” says Mondaine, “While a 71 year old on retirement can share retail experience and have important social interaction.”

Po’Shettes, a coffee and pastry shop, shares the current space housed by Heaven’s Archives. The cafe not only provides coffee, tea, specialty pastries and tea sandwiches to the neighborhood, but will also serve as an expansion to the training and job skills program that already partners with Heaven’s Archives.

The business owner, E.D. Mondaine, has been involved in the North Portland community for over 20 years. Mondaine is the Senior Pastor of Celebration Tabernacle which has called the neighborhood it’s home since 1987. Over the years, several businesses havecome out of the church such as a day care, a graphic design company and restaurant. While the majority of Mondaine’s time is spent leading his congregation and overseeing the various businesses, he has always had a passion for antiques and collectibles. 

In the mid-nineties Heaven’s Archives was founded and opened a store near Lombard and Interstate. The shop sold mostly art, rare glass and antique lamps. The store eventually evolved into a coffee shop, and Heaven’s Archives was set aside for a later time.

Despite the current challenges in the economy, Mondaine was extremely optimistic about re-opening the business. Through partnering with the Teach Me to Fish Program, Heaven’s Archives opened it’s doors for job training and shadowing experiences. It’s been over a year since Heaven’s Archives has been back in business and Mondaine has seen a great response to the re-opening. With the new success, he felt it was time to reintroduce the pairing of antiques and coffee by opening Po’Shettes.

Po’Shettes is in association with Mondaine’s other successful restaurant endeavor, Po’Shines nestled in the heart of the Kenton neighborhood. Po’Shettes will serve as an alternative site for the students of Po’Shines’ ongoing culinary training program. With a focus on pastries, layered cakes & coffees, Po’Shettes allows students to showcase a new set of skills.

7810 N. Lombard
Portland Oregon 97203