The Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood (parts of which are also known as the SE Clinton Street Neighborhood) is located in Southeast Portland. It is bordered by the Willamette River, BuckmanRichmond and Brooklynneighborhoods. Hosford-Abernethy is bordered on the north by Hawthorne Street known as the popular Hawthorne District. The “Ladd’s Addition” residential area is also located in this neighborhood. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump to downtown Portland by bus, bike or car.

Sometimes people spell Hosford Abernethy as Hosford Abernathy, and this area is also referred to as Clinton, Clinton Street, Clinton District and even the Clinton-Division neighborhood (or Division-Clinton) – but whichever name you use to describe it: people love this popular SE Portland neighborhood.

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Features of the Hosford-Abernethy and Clinton Neighborhood in Portland

Southeast Clinton Street is one of those Portland streets that just “becomes”.

A feature of the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood in Southeast Portland, Clinton runs the gamut, a kind of paved schizophrenia. It’s actually Southeast 10th Avenue until it decides it’s not; then it veers from hard north to northeast as if to escape its trajectory and then, after crossing Southeast Milwaukie Avenue, settles down for a straight run east. Crossing the railroad tracks and traveling a few blocks, Clinton suddenly, between Southeast 14th and 15th Avenues, sheds the light-industrial in favor of tree-lined residential.

Relative calmness ensues. You’ll notice the “sharrows” (shared-lane markings) on the roadway, indicating that the street is meant for both automobile and bicycle travel, and bicyclists take full advantage of it. Honestly, traveling Clinton is a lot more fun on a bike, so ditch the car if you can. That way you can pull up onto the sidewalk at Southeast 18th to admire the Clinton Community Garden, or pedal a few blocks up to 21st Avenue to chain up and nosh a slice at Hammy’s Pizza.

Travel along and admire the many different house styles, the yards, the trees and flowers, and…

…whoa. At Southeast 25th it’s a bit like emerging from a forest trail into a clearing. When Portlanders speak of Clinton Street, they’re likely talking about this intersection and the next. Here’s where you’ll find Broder, (2508 SE Clinton St) which offers Swedish dining at its finest. Be prepared for a long wait there, so you may want to have a seat and a sip in Savoy Tavern (2500 SE Clinton St) next door while you wait. Or there’s always Clinton Street Pub (2516 SE Clinton St), or Dot’s Cafe (2521 SE Clinton St) Well, then there’s Noho’s Hawaiian Cafe(2525 SE Clinton St).  Ooh, Sub Rosa (2601 SE Clinton St.) for Italian! It’s obviously a conspiracy, they just don’t want you to leave this corner.

And around that corner, on 26th Avenue, is the Clinton Street Theater, a venerable Portland institution, where you may watch independent films and revivals, or take in a “Bad Movie Nite!”, or gather ye newspapers and rubber gloves for The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight every Saturday.

It’s tough to do, but if you must achieve escape velocity and leave this part of Clinton behind, there’s more serene neighborhood beyond to walk or pedal.

Or drive if you absolutely have to.

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Hosford Abernethy Restaurants and Bars

Bar Avignon (2138 SE Division)

Vindalho (2038 SE Clinton St.)

St. Jack (2039 SE Clinton St. )

Papa G’s (2314 SE Division St)

Nuestra Cocina (2135 SE Division St)

Clay’s Smokehouse Grill (2932 Southeast Division Street)

Hosford Abernethy & Clinton Street Coffee Shops & Cafes

Portland loves its breakfast, brunch, and coffee shops, and there are plenty to choose from in this SE Portland neighborhood.

K & F Clinton Street Coffeehouse (2706 SE 26th)

Caffe Pallino (3003 SE Division St)

Compote (2032 Southeast Clinton St)

Palio Dessert & Coffeehouse in Ladd’s (1996 SE Ladd)

Little T American Baker (2600 SE Division S)

Oui Presse (1740 SE Hawthorne Blvd)

Southeast Grind (1223 SE Powell Blvd)

Spielman Coffee Roasters (2128 SE Division St)

Cellar Door Coffee Roasters (2001 SE 11th Ave)

Cooper’s Coffee (1515 SE Water Ave)

Ford Food & Drink (SE 11th & SE Division)

Hosford-Abernethy and Clinton Portland Homes

To find homes in the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood and Clinton Neighborhood area, also check the neighborhood web pages for BuckmanRichmond, and Sunnyside. This area features older East Portland homes full of character, with some modern in-fill homes and more urban buildings with shops and businesses throughout.  This is a great SE Portland community!

If you are interested in buying or selling a home in this Portland neighborhood, visit our Portland Real Estate Page for more information, or visit our Portland Real Estate Map to search the RMLS for neighborhood homes for sale.

Hosford Abernethy Apartments and Rentals

Hosford Abernethy Rentals (and Clinton Rentals) and Hosford Abernethy Apartments (Clinton Apartments) can be found on and our SE Portland Apartments pages.

Hosford-Abernethy Portland Neighborhood Information

Neighborhood Statistics

Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Association


City of Portland Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Association Page

SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition

Hosford-Abernethy Crime Stats

Hosford Abernethy Parks

Piccolo Park

Ladd’s Circles and Squares, Ladd’s Addition

Friend’s of Ladd’s Addition Gardens

SE Portland Bike and Walk Maps – Bike Lanes Hosford-Abernethy and Clinton

Hosford Abernethy and Clinton Street Area Schools

Portland Public School Information

Hosford-Abernethy Schools:

Elementary school: Abernethy Elementary School

Middle school:  Hosford Middle School

High School: Cleveland High School

Great Schools Ratings for Hosford-Abernethy

Portland schools

Oregon schools

Portland International Airport

Portland Police Bureau

Portland Classifieds on

Portland Off-Leash Dog Parks

Tri Met – Interactive Maps and Schedules for Bus, Max and Streetcar

Hosford-Abernethy Restaurants and Businesses on Yelp

Clinton Street & Hosford Abernethy – Right Now on Twitter

Tweets from @pdxneighborhood/hosford-abernethy-clinton

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