Hosford Abernethy and Clinton Neighborhood Guide

The Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood (parts of which are also known as the SE Clinton Street Neighborhood) is located in Southeast Portland. It is bordered by the Willamette River, BuckmanRichmond, Creston-Kenilworth, and Brooklyn neighborhoods. Hosford-Abernethy is bordered on the north by Hawthorne Street known as the popular Hawthorne District. The “Ladd’s Addition” residential area is also located in this neighborhood. It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to downtown Portland by bus, bike or car.

Sometimes people spell Hosford Abernethy as Hosford Abernathy, and this area is also referred to as the Clinton, Clinton Street, Clinton District, and even the Clinton-Division neighborhood (or Division-Clinton). Whichever name you use to describe it, people love this popular SE Portland neighborhood.

Hosford Abernethy Street Tour

Southeast Clinton Street is one of those Portland streets that just “becomes”. A feature of the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood in Southeast Portland, Clinton runs the gamut – a kind of paved schizophrenia. It’s actually Southeast 10th Avenue until it decides it’s not; then it veers from hard north to northeast as if to escape its trajectory and then, after crossing Southeast Milwaukie Avenue, settles down for a straight run east. Crossing the railroad tracks and traveling a few blocks, Clinton suddenly, between Southeast 14th and 15th Avenues, sheds the light-industrial aesthetic in favor of tree-lined residential streets.

Relative calmness ensues. You’ll notice the “sharrows” (shared lane markings) on the roadway, indicating that the street is meant for both automobile and bicycle travel, and bicyclists take full advantage of it. Honestly, traveling Clinton is a lot more fun on a bike, so ditch the car if you can. That way you can pull up onto the sidewalk at Southeast 18th to admire the Clinton Community Garden, or pedal a few blocks up to 21st Avenue to chain up and nosh a slice at Hammy’s Pizza.

Travel along and admire the many different house styles, the yards, the trees and flowers, and…

…whoa. At Southeast 25th it’s a bit like emerging from a forest trail into a clearing. When Portlanders speak of Clinton Street, they’re likely talking about this intersection and the next. Here’s where you’ll find Broder, (2508 SE Clinton St) which offers Swedish dining at its finest. Be prepared for a long wait there. Or there’s always Clinton Street Pub (2516 SE Clinton St), or Dot’s Cafe (2521 SE Clinton St). Well, then there’s Noho’s Hawaiian Cafe (2525 SE Clinton St).

And around that corner, on 26th Avenue, is the Clinton Street Theater, a venerable Portland institution, where you may watch independent films and revivals, or take in a “Bad Movie Nite!”, or gather ye newspapers and rubber gloves for The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight every Saturday.

It’s tough to do, but if you must achieve escape velocity and leave this part of Clinton behind, there’s more serene neighborhood beyond to walk or pedal.

Or drive if you absolutely have to.

hosford abernethy neighborhood map portland
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Hosford Abernethy Businesses of Note

As far as neighborhoods go, Hosford Abernethy has more than its fair share of restaurants, boutiques, and retailers. The three main streets to walk down are Clinton, Hawthorne, and Division. Everywhere you look on these boulevards, there is something new to experience. There are far too many highlights to list here, so we encourage you to venture off and explore on your own. Just be sure to check out these places along the way.


Usually, trips to the museum are not a high priority for kids. However, OMSI is the outlier, since most of the visitors here are children. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry has been around since 1958, but the original concept was founded in 1944. A local businessman named Ralph Lloyd designated his house as the initial museum, but as attendance swelled, the museum had to move. The city offered land in Washington Park, and a team of 400 volunteers helped erect the building seemingly overnight. OMSI’s current facility wasn’t built until 1992, and it encompasses over 200,000 square feet and receives over one million visitors annually.

Part of what makes OMSI such a vivid experience is that it makes science entertaining. Whether you’re learning how boats float, how earthquakes work, or how sailors live on a submarine, OMSI ensures that you’re getting a hands-on experience. The museum also hosts various exhibits and shows throughout the year, so there is always something new to explore. Some examples include Body Worlds, The World of Lego, and the Science Behind Pixar. It’s always fun for the whole family.

OMSI Oregon Museum of Science and Industry– 1945 SE Water Ave.

Portland Spirit

One of the main highlights of Portland is the Willamette River. Having such a brilliant body of water in the middle of the city makes Portland unique and even more picturesque. However, it’s one thing to look at the river while driving over a bridge. It’s another to have dinner and entertainment while aboard a modest-sized cruise ship.

Since 1995, the Portland Spirit has become the premier river cruise company in Portland. From the beginning, the company wanted to offer a world-class experience where guests could have private tables, on-board entertainment, and fresh, Northwest-inspired cuisine. These days, that sounds pretty standard, but in 1995, it was revolutionary. Today, the Spirit runs five different boats on the Willamette, including an old-school sternwheeler. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or just want to see the city from a new perspective, the Portland Spirit is always an adventure.

Portland Spirit – 110 SE Caruthers St.

Alotta Wood-Fired Pizza

In recent years, pizza has undergone something of a transformation. While the days of 30-minute delivery, late-night snacking, and pizza parties are still around, more and more pizza joints are upgrading their pies. A perfect example is Alotta Wood-Fired Pizza. If you want a slice that is dripping with fresh, high-quality ingredients, you need look no further.

As with many Portland eateries, Alotta takes local sustainability seriously. Each pie is handcrafted with (mostly) locally-sourced ingredients, and everything is as fresh and tasty as possible. You won’t find cans of tomato sauce or packages of pre-sliced pepperoni in the kitchen. Instead, you’ll see freshly cut artichoke hearts, smoked kalua pork, sizzling bacon, and an assortment of fresh fruits. Browsing the menu, you’d think that you stumbled into a farmer’s market. In true Portland fashion, Alotta also makes vegan and gluten-free crusts on demand. Bon appetite!

Alotta Wood-Fired Pizza – 1801 SE Grand Ave.

Ground Breaker Brewing

With so many microbreweries in Portland, it’s almost impossible to visit them all. However, Ground Breaker Brewing has one unique offering that may entice a visit; all of their beers are certified gluten-free. Whether you have celiac disease or are just trying to avoid gluten in your diet, Ground Breaker has you covered.

That being said, keep in mind that everything the brewery produces is gluten-free. This not only includes all of the beers on tap (or in bottles), but all menu items served in the Gastropub. According to the owners and founders of Ground Breaker, a significant part of their mission statement is to ensure that no gluten passes through their doors. It is truly a gluten-free paradise. Best of all, the Brewery does delivery, so you can enjoy their beer from the comfort of your couch.

Ground Breaker Brewing – 2030 SE 7th Ave.


Although Portland can get quite hot and sunny during the summer, the fall and winter seasons can be dreary and wet. For much of the year, the city is covered in gray skies and clouds, which makes spots like Palomar so necessary. No matter the season, Bar Palomar is a fun and festive Cuban-style bar, complete with bright, cheery colors and cocktails that will take you to the island.

As a Cuban bar, Palomar has the perfect blend of zest and charm. The menu isn’t extensive, but each item is carefully crafted to deliver the right amount of flavor. When it comes to drinks, you can choose from favorites like a Cuban Mojito or a Strawberry Daquiri. Other cocktails include Pina Coladas, Moscow Mules, and something called a Cobbler (highly recommended). As far as food, you can get a Cubano sandwich, shrimp ceviche, or Cuban-style pork. No matter how you entered Palomar, you will likely leave with a smile on your face.

Bar Palomar – 959 SE Division St #100

Fifty Licks Ice Cream

When you think of Portland, high-end ice cream shops don’t immediately spring to mind. However, they should, given that the city has several world-class ice creameries. While places like Salt and Straw get most of the attention, Fifty Licks is just as creamy and delicious (and doesn’t have the crowds).

Back in the early 2010s, owner and founder Chad Draizin came to Portland for one of its notable aspects: brewing. He studied at Portland Brewing, but soon his attention turned to ice cream. Unable to find a decent scoop around town, Draizin decided to make his own from scratch. He bought an ice cream truck and got to work. The first location was up and running in 2013, and the store has become one of the top ice cream joints around.

Flavors include Hood River Strawberry, Horchata, Soy Sauce Caramel (better than it sounds), and Mango Sticky Rice. We also recommend trying the Cafe Cubano at least once. The dish is a scoop of ice cream with freshly-brewed Cuban coffee poured over it. A feast for the senses, but it is something of an acquired taste.

Fifty Licks Ice Cream – 2021 SE Clinton St., #101

Excalibur Comics

Given that comic-book movies are the most popular type of film these days, you might assume that comic-book shops would be in high demand. Unfortunately, though, they are few and far between. However, that just means that the ones you do find are that much more dedicated to providing an outlet for comic book fans of all ages.

Excalibur has been around since long before superheroes became a big industry. For over 40 years, it has called Hosford Abernethy home, and it has been a beacon to fans everywhere. Whether you’ve been reading comics since you were young or just started, Excalibur has something for you. It’s apparent that the owners have a passion for the industry, and the staff members are more than eager to help you find the right comic for your tastes. Just the way it should be.

Excalibur Comics – 2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd.


If you are a pork lover, then you may never want to leave Lardo. This sandwich shop has a serious love affair with everything swine-related, and it shows. The restaurant is a monument to gastronomic excess, and it revels in the decadent juiciness that only a suckled pig can provide. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Lardo began as a food cart in 2010, and has since become one of the top sandwich spots in the city. Some highlights from the menu include a pork meatball banh mi, Korean-style pork shoulder, griddled Mortadella (fatty pork sausage), and Nashville hot fried chicken. Don’t forget an order of Lardo fries and potato salad to complete the ensemble.

Lardo – 1212 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Helium Comedy Club

Usually, if you want to go to a club in Portland, it means loud music, pricey cocktails, and a crowded dance floor. However, if you prefer to sip back, sip on a beer, and laugh your butt off, Helium is a far better alternative. Since 2010, Helium has become one of the top comedy clubs in the Pacific Northwest.

Helium is an excellent venue, and you’ll get to see a lot of home-grown stand-up comics in their element. The theater is spacious yet intimate, and the menu is tasty and unpretentious. No matter when you go, you’ll be glad you did.

Helium Comedy Club – 1510 SE 9th Ave.

Hosford Abernethy Parks

Piccolo City Park

Clinton Community Garden

Ladd Circle Park and Rose Gardens

Sewallcrest Park

Powell Park

Hosford Abernethy Portland Neighborhood Information

Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Association

SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition


Elementary school: Abernethy Elementary School

Middle school:  Hosford Middle School

High School: Cleveland High School

Neighborhood Stats

Zip Code 97202

Census Data

Crime Stats

Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood Vibe

Since there are so many businesses around here, most of the streets in Hosford Abernethy are hopping day and night. However, most of the action is toward the perimeter of the neighborhood. Along the interior, particularly inside Ladd’s Addition, you’ll see quaint houses and plenty of greenery. Hosford Abernethy is the perfect blend of residential and commercial and captures the spirit and essence of both Old and New Portland.

Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Listings

Papa G’s (2314 SE Division St)

Nuestra Cocina (2135 SE Division St)

Clinton Street Coffeehouse (2706 SE 26th)

Palio Dessert & Espresso (1996 SE Ladd)

Little T American Baker (2600 SE Division S)

Oui Presse (1740 SE Hawthorne Blvd)

Spielman Bagels and Coffee (2128 SE Division St)

Cellar Door Coffee Roasters (2001 SE 11th Ave)

Ford Food & Drink (SE 11th & SE Division)

Hosford-Abernethy Real Estate

To find homes in the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood and Clinton Neighborhood area, also check the neighborhood web pages for BuckmanRichmond, and Sunnyside. This area features older East Portland homes full of character, with some modern in-fill homes and more urban buildings with shops and businesses throughout.  This is a great SE Portland community!

Click here to search all Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood homes for sale.

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Hosford-Abernethy: Friends We’ve Lost

With so much action going on, the neighborhood is always changing. Over the years, businesses come and go, thanks to changing trends and tastes. Here are some of the recent departures from Hosford Abernethy. They will be missed.

Savoy Tavern – A local watering hole

Sub Rosa – A no-nonsense Italian restaurant and pizzeria

Bar Avignon – An upscale bar and restaurant

Vindalho – A local Indian restaurant

St. Jack – A boutique French eatery, which has since moved to NW 23rd Ave.

Clay’s Smokehouse Grill – A tasty BBQ joint, which has moved to the Milwaukie neighborhood.

Caffe Pallino – A local diner/coffeehouse

Compote – A breakfast/pastry diner

Southeast Grind – A local coffee shop

Cooper’s Coffee – A coffee shop and bistro

Southeast Portland Neighborhood Map