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Portland’s Humboldt neighborhood is bordered by Overlook, Piedmont, King and Boise neighborhoods. The Humboldt neighborhood is also extremely close to the Max line on the other side of Interstate and is well connected to many bus routes. Bicycle commuting to downtown and beyond is easy and convenient thanks to a bike lanes which are seemingly on every street.

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The Humboldt neighborhood in Portland can probably best be described as young, urban and hip. The streets are busied with bike traffic, foot-traffic and buses cruising by every few minutes. This area is a hot-spot for the 20-30ish Portland crowd looking for easy access to downtown and the ever-cool Boise neighborhood which is known to most as “Mississippi” due to its most popular and populated street, Historic Mississippi Ave. Mississippi is a destination for many out of area out of neighborhood visitors and Humboldt enjoys the spill over traffic coming up to its famous coffee shop, The Albina Press. Atlas Tattoo, located a few doors down from the Albina Press, is Portland renowned for incredible ink work. The Red Fox is the very popular local watering hole.

Locals here probably spend a lot of their time on Mississippi Avenue since they can walk there in less than five minutes or bike in a flash.  Mississippi has just about everything the average Humboldter could need: nearly a dozen great restaurants, great coffee shops, several watering holes (bars) and a lot of retail and boutique shops.  A few standouts on the street are Mississippi Street’s Crow Bar, Amnesia Brewing, Gravy, Equinox, Por Que No?!, The Fresh Pot, Lorenzo’s, Pistils Nursery and Miss Delta.  It should also be noted that Humboldt and Mississippi are home to mostly independent businesses.  You won’t find a Starbucks here and locals will see to it that you don’t.

Portland Community College is a major presence in the Humboldt area and many residents are also students or faculty. Nearby Williams Avenue offers even more independent retail and boutiques in addition to standouts Lompoc’s 5Q (Fifth Quarter) and Pix Patisserie and Ristretto Roasters.  Additionally, Killingsworth Street has several really great local businesses to choose from such as Saraveza (a beer bottle shop), The Red E Cafe, E’njoni Ethiopian Cafe and CoffeeHouse-Five. Down the road on Interstate is a New Seasons Market which is a local area shopping staple and employer.


Peninsula Park Basketball and tennis courts, gymnasium, paved paths, gorgeous old rose garden, play structures and outdoor swimming pool.

Nearby parks and recreation:

Matt Dishman Community Center and Pool Indoor swimming pool, fitness center and movement classes.

Portland Meadows Golf Course Columbia Edgewater Country Club 40-Mile Loop Neighboring Bridgeton is part of the 40-mile loop, famous for hiking, biking and walking…

Columbia Children’s Arboretum

Community Resources

Multnomah County Library – North Portland

Humboldt Neighborhood Association

Humboldt Neighborhood Vibe

Artsy, earthy, and most definitely hip although the area hipsters would shy away from this claim. Bikes and scooters are more widely accepted than cars. The neighborhood prizes diversity, independence and entrepreneurialism. Locals know each other and support their local businesses.  A mix of renters and owners, singletons and families.  Everyone seems to be busy doing something interesting.


Humboldt Zip Code 97217

Humboldt Real Estate

Humboldt homes are either modest, awesome or funky and are just as varied from Old Victorians, Bungalows, Old Foursquare, ranch, apartments, fresh new condos and more. Creative paint schemes and landscaping will shout out to you from pockets all around the neighborhood. It’s not uncommon to see “lawn gardens” peppered with edibles such as strawberries, blueberries and herbs in lieu of boring old grass.

Humboldt experienced the same boom that Mississippi and surrounding areas did and as a result, a huge mass of people moved in and prices increased dramatically.  That said, one can still find affordable homes in the Humboldt area. If you are looking to purchase a home in this area, make sure to be on your toes and ready to make a quick offer as Humboldt homes are highly coveted and will not stay on the market long. All in all, Humboldt is a great place for those who want the comfy feel of an older home, a sense of community and easy access to other popular neighborhoods and downtown Portland.

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