Linnton Neighborhood Guide

The small community of Linnton is located in Northwest Portland nestled between Forest Park and the Willamette River.

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Features of Linnton Neighborhood

The Linnton neighborhood is a long and lean community with jagged borders on Forest Park’s east side. It’s about five and a quarter miles long and approximately a mile wide, with NW St. Helens Road serving as its spine. The neighborhood has had a long and, at least in recent years, contentious history with the city of Portland. At one time, Linnton considered secession from the city over land use and waste management issues. Needless to say, the residents of this area are independent and spirited.

The Portland neighborhood is built on a ridge that overlooks the Willamette River. Most of the homes have steep driveways and fantastic forest and river views. The neighborhood is out of the way, private, but also very close to Portland downtown with a quick commute down highway 30.

Linnton is a mix of commercial and industrial concerns, predominately lining both sides of NW St. Helens, with residential properties tucked into lots surrounded by Forest Park. 

Businesses of Note in Linnton Neighborhood


Decoy is a popular, no-frills tavern that serves up Chinese food, standard American fare, and pizza.

Decoy – 10710 NW St Helens Rd

Lighthouse Inn

Lighthouse Inn is known for its massive burgers. They also offer substantial sandwiches and delicious entrees, like a gourmet mac and cheese, baby back ribs, and sesame-crusted Ahi tuna.

When it comes to salads, Lighthouse won’t disappoint. Go for the tried-and-true Cobb or Cesar, or try something different and indulge in the Sauvie Island. It features greens with house-cured beets and onions, topped with bleu cheese crumbles, crispy fried onions, and lemon vinaigrette.

More in the mood for a snack and a drink? At Lighthouse, you’ll find small plates, tacos, and other mexi snacks. Their cocktails are crafted with quality and simplicity in mind—the bartenders here use the best and the freshest liquors and juices to satiate your tastebuds and thirst. They also offer wine by the glass, nine draft beers, and 24 classic beers.

Lighthouse Inn – 10808 NW St Helens Rd.

Linnton Community Center

This neighborhood gem is all about families. There’s a fun summer camp for kids of all ages and a preschool for the little ones. The before and after school program provides childcare for kids K-8 and invites the older kids to serve as helpers. The LCC Food Pantry provides food boxes to families in need.

Linnton Community Center – 10614 NW St Helens Rd

Linnton Neighborhood Landmarks

St John’s Bridge

St. John’s Bridge spans the Willamette River and connects Linnton and Cathedral neighborhoods. Since its construction began in 1929 and its dedication in 1931, this gothic beauty has served to as a major highway thoroughfare, one of only three major highway suspension bridges in Oregon

Forest Park

The main attraction in Linnton is a wholly natural one, the magnificent Forest Park. Linnton provides easy access to this natural wonder via several roads and trails.

One of the most beautiful parks in the country, Forest Park offers miles of hiking trails through lush green woodland. This park truly personifies the Pacific Northwest. Starting at NW 29th Ave and Upshur and spanning all the way to Newberry Road, Forest Park sits in the middle of the Portland metro area, neighboring downtown. Enjoy hours of foot, bike and equestrian trails all while relaxing in the intoxicating natural beauty. Forest Park is dog friendly. Your four-legged friends will love it here!

Linnton Neighborhood Parks

Linnton Park

Forest Park 

Linnton Neighborhood Schools

K-8: Skyline School

High School: Lincoln High School

Linnton Community Resources

Linnton Neighborhood Association

Linnton Neighborhood Vibe

Linnton neighborhood is community-focused and independent. Residents here have an appreciation for the natural beauty and scenery that Pacific Northwest Portland neighborhoods have to offer. It’s a mix of rural, suburban neighborhoods tucked back in trees and the hillside.

Linnton Neighborhood Stats

Linnton Zip Codes: 97210, 97231

Local Crime Stats

Census Data

Total Population

Population Density: 122.4
Total Population: 1,176
Percent Population Increase Between 2010 and 2020: 10.9

Total Population by Age

Total Population Age 18 and Over: 953
Percent Population Age 18 and Over: 81.0

Total Population by Race

Total White alone: 987
Percent White alone: 83.9
Total Hispanic or Latino: 94
Percent Hispanic or Latino: 8.0


Total Housing Units: 517
Total Occupied Housing Units: 481
Percent Occupied Housing Units: 93.0

Linnton Real Estate and Homes

Homes run the gamut of 20th century architecture, from classic Bungalow to Old Portland, Cape Cod, Four Square and more. 

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