Madison South is located in Northeast Portland. It is bordered by the Roseway, Sumner, Parkrose, Hazelwood, Montavilla, and Rose City Park neighborhoods.

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Madison South Information

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Rocky Butte Natural Area

Historic Preservation League of Oregon

Portland Public School Boundaries

Madison South Schools:

Elementary school: Lee Elementary School
Middle school: Gregory Heights Middle School
High school: Madison High School

Portland International Airport

Portland Police Bureau

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Focus On

Nelson’s Nautilus

(Review submitted by Portland Neighbor Andrew S.)

“Normally martial arts training would be something that I would pass over faster than a do-it-yourself cat grooming service, but a few restless co-workers looked into Within Arms Reach close quarter combat training, just down the street from work. Heck, it’s still winter-ish here and I’m guilty of being more than a little restless, so why not try something new?

Four of us cube dwellers met up with the instructor, Dan, for an orientation and introduction to his training and we were instantly impressed; with his ability, and even more so, his training style. To give you an idea of where we are starting from.. we are cube dwelling computer people 40 hours a week who are more likely to move into an errant punch then dodge it and the last time we were in a “fight” we were at recess, so it’s safe to say that Dan was starting with newbies at Square One.

Dan is an experienced mixed martial artist. Deceptively quick and strong, but patient and quick to smile. He teaches to your ability, starting with the basics (strikes, combinations, sparring) and progressing as far as you care to go. He offers small group instruction (up to 4 adults), private instruction, men’s grappling, and kids martial arts (ages 6-17).

A good instructor makes all the difference and I can’t praise Dan highly enough. Check it out at no risk, the first lesson is free!”

Contact Dan Duvall at Nelson’s Nautilus Health Club, 8333 NE Russell St., (503) 254-7710. Also read more on our Portland Fitness Page!