Markham Neighborhood Guide

Markham is located in Southwest Portland. It is bordered by the Multnomah, West Portland Park, Arnold Creek, Marshall Park, and South Burlingame neighborhoods.

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Markham Neighborhood Features

Like many of the Southwest Portland neighborhoods, Markham is more suburban feeling than neighborhoods located closer into the city. Markham borders the Maricara Natural Area and several other nearby parks, making it a great place to live for those who like to hike and spend time outdoors while still being close to the city. Markham has easy access to I-5, and Downtown Portland is less than 15 minutes away.

Markham Neighborhood Parks

Marigold HydroPark

Portland has several HydroParks, and one of them is located within the Markham neighborhood. In short, a HydroPark is a Portland Water Bureau facility that’s been re-envisioned as a neighborhood greenspace. In the past, these facilities were fenced off and not accessible to the public. According to the city, removing the fences has increased security, as residents now visit and care for the spaces.

Marigold HydroPark is home to one of the Portland’s largest elevated tanks. It’s surrounded by some native plants for visitors to enjoy while they relax on benches and a picnic table provided by the City of Portland.

Marigold HydroPark – 8925 SW 15th Ave

Markham Neighborhood Community Resources

Markham Neighborhood Information

Markham Neighborhood Association Website

Markham Neighborhood Schools

Elementary school: Stephenson Elementary School
Middle school: Jackson Middle School
High school: Ida B. Wells High School

Markham Neighborhood Vibe

The general vibe in Markham is laid back with a more residential and relaxed feel than most urban neighborhoods.  Located relatively close in, with a variety of home styles, this is a neighborhood that will appeal to families and others who prefer a less urban and more rural feeling neighborhood.

Markham Neighborhood Stats

Zip Code 97219

Local Crime Stats

Census Data

Total Population

Population Density: 4,655.4
Total Population: 3,187
Percent Population Increase Between 2010 and 2020: 10.9

Total Population by Age

Total Population Age 18 and Over: 2,548
Percent Population Age 18 and Over: 79.9

Total Population by Race

Total White alone: 2,662
Percent White alone: 83.5
Total Hispanic or Latino: 173
Percent Hispanic or Latino: 5.4


Total Housing Units: 1,349
Total Occupied Housing Units: 1,296
Percent Occupied Housing Units: 96.1

Markham Neighborhood Real Estate and Homes

In Markham, you’ll find a mix of home styles and architecture, including single-family homes, condos, and duplexes. Homes in this area range from new to those built in the 1970s.

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