McMenamins Portland

McMenamins Portland:   McMenamins is a true Portland success story and is loved by nearly all Portlanders.  In a very real way, McMenamins defines what Portland is all about– and that can be summed up in two words – fiercely independent. Pretty much any McMenamins in Portland can be described as 100% atmosphe

Walk into a McMenamins in Portland and you instantly know something is different…The walls are painted with glorious and often times eerie murals, the building is more than likely historic, they are serving their own McMenamins beer, wine and spirits and you might find a cigar room or two.  Distinct personality is an understatement and variety could not begin to describe what McMenamins is all about.  Imagine a bar that is a hotel, that is also a movie theater where you can eat pizza and drink beer while sitting on a velvet couch, has an outdoor soaking pool, a billiards hall, a concert venue, community garden, a glass blowing art studio, and so forth.  The ever veritable mix of this and that is McMenamins Portland and we love it!

McMenamins Portland-  Why We Love Them

McMenamins is a huge employer in Portland and surrounding areas and the people who work there simply adore the McMenamins brothers.  Yep, McMenamins is a locally owned and operated business which makes them even more near and dear to us here at where our focus is on the independent Portland businesses who truly define our fair PDX.

We love McMenamins Portland because they are creative, entrepreneurial, original and because they take care of their employees.  We also consider them to be philanthropists in a very real way, too.  Imagine a company who made it their business to save old buildings from being destroyed.  Consider the history lost if Kennedy School had been torn down and condos built in its place?   We truly shudder to think…

From roasting their own coffee, brewing their own beer, making their own wine and spirits (gin, anyone?) to even crafting the condiments that come with their food — mustard, horseradish, relish and more– McMenamins pretty much defines entrepreneur .

McMenamins Portland – Locations

With over sixty locations spanning Portland to Seattle and even a few out of pocket, its simply too much to list and heck, dry listings are a bore anyway.  Instead, we’ll focus on our favorites locations in Portland and the cool things you’ll find there.

Bagdad Theater –  turn of the (last) century movie house now turned alehouse cinema. This theater is rich with history and has seen over 25,000 shows.  My Own Private Idaho debuted here in this amazing theater.  Learn more about the McMenamins Bagdad Theater. Mission Theater –  In the 1890’s, this was the Swedish Evangelical Mission.  Its a Mission Theater with another flock now as one of Portland’s favorite beer cinemas.  Learn more about the Mission Theater.

Kennedy School –  A McMiracle!  This McMenamins has to be seen to be believed. An old school has been reformed into an adult paradise complete with several bars, cigar rooms, soaking tub, overnight accommodations, movie theater, community garden and more!  “Since it opened in 1915, this historic elementary school has been a beloved fixture of its Northeast Portland neighborhood. McMenamins has renovated the once-abandoned scholastic gem and turned it into Portland’s most delightful lodging establishment.” Learn more about the McMenamins Kennedy School.

Edgefield –  A beautiful estate and a ton of fun for the whole family awaits. “The stately main Edgefield building (circa 1911), with over 100 European-style guestrooms and hostel accommodations, is a national historic landmark.”  You’ll find several bars and dining options here in addition to a hotel with a full spa.  Learn more about Edgefield McMenamins.

The Grand Lodge  They say its like falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland and to be honest, there is no better way to describe a visit to the Grand Lodge.  “It’s all in the details at this place with its stately columns and winding drive, sweeping green carpet of a lawn, 77 European-style lodging rooms, multiple restaurants, and cozy, small bars, and — truly the best part indeed — some of the most fantastic artwork to ever grace these aged walls.”  Visit the McMenamins Grand Lodge.

Crystal Ballroom   Hands-down famous and dripping with history is the awesome Crystal Ballroom. “The Crystal Ballroom enjoys national recognition for a reason. No local venue, and indeed few in the nation, can challenge this elegant ballroom’s 90 years as a premier place to hear live music, dance and have memorable experiences.”  Learn more about where the Grateful Dead played twice.

Full list of McMenamins locations in and around Portland.

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