Mt. Scott Arleta Neighborhood Guide

The Mount Scott Arleta neighborhood is located in Southeast Portland. It is bordered by the Woodstock, Creston-Kenilworth, Foster-Powell, Lents, and Brentwood-Darlington neighborhoods.

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Features of the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood

Mt. Scott-Arleta feels almost suburban though it is very much a part of urban Portland.  This is a wonderful neighborhood of older Portland homes and old-growth trees lining many of the streets. As with other Southeast neighborhoods, Mt. Scott-Arleta is a blend of commercial and residential areas. Border streets like Foster and 82nd are where most of the businesses are, and the rest of the neighborhood is mostly housing.

One of the most notable features of the area is the Mt. Scott Community Center. Located almost in the center of the neighborhood, this building is an excellent place for groups and families to gather. The center has a massive indoor pool, complete with slides for the kids. Other amenities include a basketball court, skating rink, event spaces, and a fitness center. The building was originally built in 1927 as a bathhouse for the pool and has expanded greatly over the years. Now, it’s a part of Mt. Scott Park, which is one of the largest green spaces in the Southeast.

Mt. Scott-Arleta Businesses of Note

When it comes to gems of the neighborhood, Foster Road is the primary resource for residents. We recommend you drive along Foster, as it’s much too long to walk to these businesses. From taphouses to a one-of-a-kind Hispanic marketplace, here are the places you should check out.


If you’re a beer drinker in Portland, you know that the city loves some IPA. While the bitterness of an India Pale Ale can be a turn-off for some, Portlanders have shown up en-masse in support of a wide range of IPA brands. So, if you’re one of those enthusiasts, you’ll appreciate the selection at N.W.I.P.A. The name of this taphouse is a play on the rap group N.W.A., with the lettering in the same font. However, inside is certainly not straight outta Compton.

The beer selection here is varied and rotates throughout the year, but if you’re hoping to find a lager, blonde ale, or amber, you best keep moving on down the road. Portland law states that food has to be offered at places that sell alcohol, so there are usually carts out front where you can nosh while you drink. The taphouse also hosts various events for IPA lovers throughout the year, and it’s an excellent place to hang out with friends (or meet some new ones).

N.W.I.P.A – 6350 SE Foster Rd.

Hammer + Jacks

If you want to buy your kids some toys, chances are you’d go to a department store or buy from Amazon. However, Hammer + Jacks is trying to change that mindset for Portlanders. Those who want more meaningful and well-built toys will appreciate the offerings here. You won’t find rows of princesses and superhero action figures. Instead, you’ll discover a wide array of toys designed to stimulate young minds and provide a broader perspective.

Examples of toys you can find at Hammer + Jacks include anatomically correct baby dolls, books that highlight people of color and their contributions, science-oriented toys (like magnifying glasses and kaleidoscopes), and others. The store also sells party supplies, so if you’re hosting a birthday for your little one, you can take care of presents and decor.

Hammer + Jacks – 6416 SE Foster Rd.

Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels

Technically speaking, all bagels are boiled to ensure that they have that nice crust on the surface. However, New-York style bagels are a cut above the rest, creating a unique and indescribable breakfast experience. So, if you’ve never had New York bagels before, you have to come to Henry Higgins. They make them fresh every day, using locally-sourced ingredients like Bob’s Red Mill Flour.

All of the bagels here are a delight, from the plain version to the more opulent cinnamon raisin or blueberry bagel. The store also uses the bagels for sandwiches, including options like the Rachel (with hot pastrami and swiss cheese), the morning sandwich (with eggs, meat, and cheese), or the bagel dogs. Also, it wouldn’t be a New-York style bakery without some high-quality schmear, so be sure to class up your bagel with one of these delicious add-ons.

Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels – 6420 SE Foster Rd.

Da’Hui Bar and Grill

Portland is not really known for its authentic Hawaiian food, but if you come to Da’Hui, you’ll feel like you just stepped onto a sandy beach. The tiki-style bar is small and intimate – perfect for catching up with friends or watching a game. The place hasn’t really changed or kept up with the New Portland vibe, and that’s just fine with us. The authenticity of the decor and setup only adds to the experience.

The food here is exquisite, and Da’Hui claims to have the best Kalua pork in all of Portland. While we haven’t tried every Hawaiian barbecue joint in the city, we’re inclined to agree. The stir fry and yakisoba dishes are also favorites. If you’re searching for a hearty breakfast, Da’Hui makes a killer loco mock. Overall, the menu has everything you’d expect, from Spam musubi to beef short ribs and chicken katsu. Everything is a delight.

Da’Hui Bar and Grill – 6506 SE Foster Rd.

Off the Griddle

If you just popped into this place and didn’t know anything about it, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a regular diner serving all kinds of grilled meat dishes. However, in a Portland plot twist, there is no meat anywhere in the restaurant – it’s all vegan. However, given how good everything tastes, you’ll still want to sit down and order a plate.

Off the Griddle isn’t the only vegan grill in Portland, but it’s one of the best. Instead of cooking up beef patties, brisket, and pulled pork, the chefs utilize a wide range of fruits and vegetables. The brisket is made of jackfruit, the hash is made of cashew ricotta and butternut squash, and the French dip sandwich uses soy curl steak. The menu is just as diverse as any other, so you can indulge your tastebuds without feeling guilty. We also recommend the waffles here – they’re magnificent.

Off the Griddle – 6526 SE Foster Rd.

Red Castle Games

If you haven’t been paying attention, board games have become a big industry in recent years. Gone are the days of playing Monopoly or Chutes and Ladders – now it’s Settlers of Catan and Codenames. Walking into a place like Red Castle Games, you’re greeted with hundreds of different offerings, each one as unique and fun to play as the rest.

Because the industry has come up so much, the fervor around board games has never been higher. Red Castle is one of the few places in Portland where you can indulge in your passion, whether it’s buying a new game, renting one to play in-house, or participating in one of the many tournament nights. For the last 10 years, Red Castle has become one of the premier destinations for all things game-related. Just don’t expect to see a Nintendo or Playstation.

Red Castle Games – 7160 SE Foster Rd.

Portland Mercado

Portland has a vibrant and active Hispanic community, although few areas where their influence is seen in force. Fortunately, for residents of the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood, the Mercado is always close by. This marketplace is actually a collection of different businesses, including food carts, juice bars, coffee shops, and produce stands. Each one is Hispanic-owned, and the Mercado offers entrepreneurship classes to help new owners get their businesses off the ground.

Since this place is relatively recent, it still has that fresh, new look about it. Vibrant colors, Hispanic decor, and a lively atmosphere make you feel like you’re strolling through the streets of Central or South America. One of the best things about the Mercado is that it offers a wide variety of national cuisines, from Nicaraguan to Peruvian to Columbian. We highly recommend bringing some friends so you can sample them all.

Portland Mercado – 7238 SE Foster Rd.

Fat Cupcake

Dessert lovers rejoice! There’s nothing as sweet and delicate as a soft, fluffy cupcake, covered in whipped frosting and delectable sprinkles. If you’re in the mood for one or two or a dozen, you’ll want to head on over to Fat Cupcake. Since 2014, this bakery has been slinging a ton of delicious treats, and it’s become a part of the community in the process.

What’s notable about Fat Cupcake is that the owner and founder, Angelica, has no formal training. Instead, she let her passion for baking and her ability to Google as her guides. We’d say that she’s adapted pretty well over the years. Pop on in for a sampling of her cupcakes, or order a dozen to go. Also, if you’ve been to a wedding in the last 10 years, you know how much cupcakes have become a staple at the ceremony – they do catering!

Fat Cupcake – 6011 SE 72nd Ave.

Parks in the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood

Mt. Scott Park

Mt. Scott Community Center

Brentwood Park

Lents Park

Woodstock Park

Neighborhood Schools

Arleta K-8, Marysville Elementary

Lane Middle School

Madison High School, Franklin High School

Mt. Scott-Arleta Community Resources

Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association


Zip Code 97206

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Crime Stats

Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Vibe

This is a great neighborhood of families, singles, and urbanites. Everyone seems welcome here.

Mt. Scott-Arleta Real Estate

Mt. Scott-Arleta homes are old-style Portland homes such as Foursquares, Old Portland, Tudor, Colonial, Bungalow, and more.

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