Portland Breweries

Portland Breweries – Portland is hands down famous for beer- amazing beer.  Some locals adorn their cars with bumper stickers that say “Keep Portland Weird!” and others, well, others have bumper stickers that say “Keep Portland BEERED”.  If you’re wondering, my bumper sticker would definitely be the latter.  Truth be told, Portlanders are incredibly lucky to live in since a beer rich town and we know it. Portland is said to have more microbreweries than any other city in the world and I’m pretty sure solar powered, organic beer runs through most of our veins.  So with that, welcome to PortlandNeighborhood’s list of the Top 10 Portland Breweries and those local Portland brew-masters who have stolen our hearts, our wallets and, alas, our sobriety!  Portland is an amazing city and we simply wouldn’t have the same character without our Portland breweries. Hats off to you, Portland Beer Masters.

10 Best Breweries in Portland

  • Amnesia Located over in the Historic Mississippi area, Amnesia is a hugely popular brewery with a fantastic summer patio.  Wonderful staple beers and fabulous seasonal beers.
  • Full Sail Brewery Hood River’s Full Sail has been doing a fantastic job of creating incredible beer since the 80’s.  They have also set the bar high for local companies: In 1999, Full Sail became an independent, employee-owned company.
  • Hair of the Dog Ask any beer connoisseur who they love and they will no doubt tell you Hair of the Dog is one of their favorites.  We agree. Awesome organic beer! Hopworks Urban Brewery ‘Portland’s first Eco-Brewpub to offer all organic handcrafted beers’.  Fantastic New York style pizza and great beer. Nice selection, too.
  • New Old Lompoc A Portland staple with several locations.  Excellent, strong, knock-your-socks-off beer. Great trivia nights.
  • Lucky Labrador Three words:  Solar Powered Beer!  Yep. That’s our Lucky Lab.  We love it all from food to beer!
  • McMenamins is, simply put, a local Portland phenomenon.  McMenamins is known as one of top 50 national microbreweries and for good reason.  With over sixty locations spanning brewpubs, breweries, beer movie theaters, billiard halls, music venues and historic hotels they are both massive in size and influence.  Many of their locations have historic significance or have been renovated, such as The Kennedy School and The Chapel of the Chimes.  It has been said that McMenamins has ‘created their own beer culture’ and we agree.
  • MacTarnahan’s A locals favorite located in the NW Industrial area, MacTarnahan’s is a locals favorite.  Not only do they have fantastic beer but they have incredible food as well.  This is not your typical “bar style” food, either.
  • Widmer Pioneers of the first ‘American-style Hefeweizen’, Widmer is famous far beyond Oregon’s borders.  German style pub food accompanies excellent beer.
  • Rogue is pure Oregon through and through.  Highly recognizable and with a great selection, Rogue is a local favorite.  We highly recommend visiting their Newport, Oregon brewery, too.

Best Breweries Elsewhere in Oregon and Washington

  • Heater Allen Brewing   ‘While our lagers are similar to those made in Germany, they are our own unique interpretation of the style.’  Located in McMinnville, Oregon.
  • Ninkasi Brewing Co.   Newer to the beer scene than most but making huge waves and with an enormous cult following, Ninkasi is a dreamy beer.  Located in Eugene, Oregon.
  • Walking Man Brewing   The Walking Man Barefoot Brown is probably one of the best beers ever. Make sure to visit this great brewery in Stevenson, Washington just across The Bridge of The Gods.

Portland Beer Lovers

If you love beer as much as we do, you will enjoy these Portland beer resources:

  • PortlandBeer.org   Beer reviews, beer blogs, beer events…Enough said!
  • Oregon Brewfest   This beer festival takes place during the last full weekend during July on the Portland waterfront.  You’ll be dazzled with nearly 100 beers from all over the country.  Not to be missed.