Portland Dog Parks – Dog Parks Portland Oregon

Looking for the best Portland Dog Parks?  Then you’ll enjoy this handy local guide to Portland Oregon dog parks with a breakdown on features and types of dog parks, so you and your pooches can have a great time.

Portland OR Dog Parks come in all sizes, and offer different amenities.  Some are Portland off leash dog parks, while others require that you maintain your pet either on a leash, or in a tightly controlled area designated specifically for dogs.  There are even indoor Portland dog parks (since the grassy fields get quite wet and muddy during our winter months), and Portland doggie day care facilities for those who want to board their dogs during the day when they are at work or visiting Portland.

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“Good Boy!”  – Tips and Guidelines for Dog Park Etiquette

Not all dogs are good candidates for dog parks, especially off leash dog parks in Portland.  If you have a new dog, a puppy, or a dog that you know isn’t well behaved or doesn’t get along with other dogs, you might want to avoid the Portland dog parks until your pet can be trusted to be safe off leash when playing with other dogs.  If your dog seems frightened, uncomfortable, or is exhibiting aggressive behavior, leave the dog park immediately.  Your dog may just need additional training or socialization before re-introducing him to a Portland dog park.  There are lots of Portland dog trainers and resources available to help. Be safe and pay attention.  It can be downright dangerous to allow a dog to run free at the dog park unless you are confident your dog will respond to your voice commands.  Unfortunately, there have been many incidents of dogs being bitten by other dogs in Portland dog parks.  I even had this happen to one of my own dogs, and it’s scary!  Don’t be “that guy” who carelessly brings a nervous or hostile pet into a strange situation around other dogs: the results can be painful and unfortunate, if not tragic.  If you need help dealing with aggressive dogs, contact Multnomah County Animal Services at: 503-988-7387.

Dogs playing in the park, or in any social situation with other dogs can share and transmit illness or disease like kennel cough, so be sure your dog is current on his vaccines before bringing him to dog parks in Portland Oregon.  Use the same guidelines you would if you were going to board your dog.  Usually you have to produce documented proof of vaccines if you are planning to board your pet at a doggie daycare or boarding facility.  While this isn’t necessary for a visit to the Portland dog park, use your good judgment and don’t bring a sick or unvaccinated pet around other dogs. If your dog is acting a bit under the weather, postpone your dog park visit for another time. Good dog park etiquette requires that you clean up after your pet.  With tons of dogs running wildly through the grass, you don’t want to leave your dog’s mess behind for people or other dogs to step in.  Carry some doggie walking papers with you to the park, and you will be appreciated for being a responsible pet owner.  Many parks have specifically provided dog walking paper stations and disposal receptacles to make this job easy.  Sometimes they run out of walking papers, so always bring a couple along with you, just in case. And finally, always bring a leash!  Even in off leash Portland dog parks, you may encounter a situation where you need more control of your dog.  It is just safer if you have the leash available in case you should need it.

Read this: Off-Leash Dog Park Etiquette guide from Portland Parks: http://www.portlandonline.com/parks/index.cfm?c=38287&a=160385 Best Portland Dog Parks – Top Dog Parks in Portland Some of the best Portland dog parks are the ones that have designated fenced off-leash areas.  Your dog is welcome to run and play all day long at these parks, and because they are fenced you don’t have to worry about your dog escaping.

Some of the most popular Portland dog parks include the following:

  • Southeast Portland Brentwood Park SE 60th & Duke, Portland Oregon Google Map & Directions to this Dog Park Portland Parks Brentwood Off-leash Area Map.pdf
  • North Portland Chimney Park 9360 N. Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR Google Map & Directions to this Dog Park Portland Parks Chimney Off-leash Area Map.pdf
  • Delta Park N. Denver & MLK Jr Blvd., Portland, OR Google Map & Directions to this Dog Park Portland Parks Delta Off-leash Area Map.pdf
  • Southwest Portland Gabriel Park SW 45th & Vermont, Portland, OR Google Map & Directions to this Dog Park Portland Parks Gabriel Off-leash Area Map.pdf
  • Northeast Portland Normandale Park NE 57th & Halsey, Portland, OR Google Map & Directions to this Dog Park Portland Parks Normandale Off-leash Area Map.pdf

Best Places in Portland to Hike with your Dog

Portland Dog Hiking Trails Portland dog parks are one way to get exercise, but it is also really enjoyable taking a hike with your dog in Portland.  We have so many amazing Portland dog friendly hiking trails located within the city of Portland, and surrounding areas.  Check out a few of these the next time you want to hike with your dog in Portland!

Guidebook – Hike with Your Dog in Portland: http://www.hikewithyourdog.com/PDFs/Portland%201-32.pdf

Forest Park Wildwood Trail Tryon Creek State Park Trail Sauvie Island Warrior Rock Trail Powell Butte Trail

Portland Dog Parks by Neighborhood

The City of Portland Parks and Recreation Department maintains the current list of Portland dog parks with off leash areas.  Definitely visit the park website links provided below for current dog park hours and additional information about each park.  Hours are subject to change depending on season.

North Portland Dog Parks with Off Leash Areas Arbor Lodge Park N Bryant St & Delaware Ave Cathedral Park N Edison St & Pittsburg Ave Chimney Park 9360 N Columbia Blvd Delta Park N Denver Ave & Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Overlook Park N Fremont St & Interstate Ave Portland International Raceway 1940 N Victory Blvd

Northeast Portland Dog Parks with Off Leash Areas Alberta Park NE 22nd Ave & Killingsworth St   Argay Park NE 141st Ave & Failing St   East Holladay Park 12999 NE Holladay St   Fernhill Park NE 37th Ave & Ainsworth St   Frazer Park NE 52nd Ave & Hassalo St   Grant Park NE 33rd Ave & US Grant Pl   Irving Park NE 7th Ave & Fremont St   Normandale Park NE 57th Ave & Halsey St

Northwest Portland Dog Parks with Off Leash Areas Couch Park NW 19th Ave & Glisan St  Wallace Park NW 25th Ave & Raleigh St

Southeast Portland Dog Parks with Off Leash Areas Brentwood Park SE 60th Ave & Duke St   Cherry Park SE 110th Ave & Stephens St  Creston Park SE 44th Ave & Powell Blvd  Laurelhurst Park SE 39th Ave & Stark St  Lents Park SE 92nd Ave & Holgate Blvd  Lynchwood Park SE 170th Ave & Haig St  Mt Tabor Park SE 60th & Salmon St  Sellwood Riverfront Park SE Spokane St & Oaks Pkwy  Sewallcrest Park SE 31st Ave & Market St  Woodstock Park SE 47th Ave & Steele St

Southwest Portland Dog Parks with Off Leash Areas Council Crest Park SW Council Crest Dr  Gabriel Park SW 45th Ave & Vermont St  Hillsdale Park SW 27th Ave & Hillsdale Hwy  Willamette Park SW Macadam Ave & Nebraska St

Portland Off Leash Dog Parks From the City of Portland Parks Department: “Portland has 32 off-leash areas (OLAs). Five are fenced, all-day areas. The remaining areas are unfenced, with seasonal hours depending on site restoration and adjacent uses. Boundary markers are in place at the unfenced sites. There are signs in each off-leash area with maps, rules, and a place to post notices. Users are asked to bring their own scoop bags.” Here is a link to the Map of Portland Off Leash Dog Parks Visit Portland Parks for additional information on their off leash areas. Portland Indoor Dog Parks Portland dog daycare facilities offer an alternative to outdoor dog parks during the long wet Portland winters.  The indoor Portland doggie daycare facilities are also a great option if you work long workdays and want your dog to get plenty of exercise, play, and attention while you are at work.  Below is a map which features several Portland indoor dog parks and doggie daycare options. View Larger Map Be sure to read local Portland dog daycare reviews to get a sense of how happy other clients are when selecting your Portland doggie daycare or indoor dog park facility. As with any dog boarding, you will need to provide proof of current vaccinations for most dog daycare facilities in Portland.   Portland Dog Parks Map – Portland Dog Park Finder One of the best local websites for Portland dog related information is Portland Pooch. They have a great Portland Dog Parks Map as well as a handy checklist of each Portland dog park with individual features. Visit PortlandPooch.com .   We hope you enjoyed this list of Portland Dog Parks .  Did we miss your favorite dog park in Portland?  Just drop us a line and we’ll add it!