Portland Condos

Portland Oregon Condos used to be available primarily in the Pearl District and in Downtown Portland, but fortunately now if you are looking for Portland condos to buy, you can find them all over town. There are loft style condos, as well as former apartment buildings and old houses converted to condominiums.  Portland condominium complexes come in a wide range of sizes, styles, amenities, and price ranges.  We hope you find our Portland Condos guide a helpful resource in understanding your options so you can find the right one to fit your lifestyle.

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 Pearl District Condos 

The Pearl District is a dream come true for fashionable hip urbanites who want to live right in the city, while being a party of a connected urban environment that is neither too big nor too small.  The Pearl District is known for great dining, great shopping, and fashionable city living for all ages.  Located along the Northern edge of Downtown Portland and along the waterfront of the Willamette River, if you want to be in a thriving community of fellow condo dwellers and loft style living appeals to you, then a Pearl District condo could be a great choice.  Prices in the Pearl District can run a bit higher than some other areas of town, but you can’t find a better location in central Portland.

Downtown Portland Condos

Downtown Portland is a wonderful vibrant city, and unlike many towns, the downtown doesn’t fall asleep on nights and weekends when everyone commutes back to the suburbs.  In Portland, we like to stay active in our city center!  This means there is a wide array of Downtown condos to choose from!  Downtown Portland condos come in all shapes and sizes.  You will live in the heart of it all, along convenient public transportation (TriMet) lines, and with all of the amenities you can dream of.  The Portland Art Museum, Theater District, PSU, the Farmer’s Market, Park Blocks, and of course great dining and shopping are all available and within walking distance when you choose to live in Downtown Portland.

South Waterfront Condos

South waterfront condos are new, and generally high-rise in ultra modern buildings located along the waterfront of the Willamette river.  The community is springing up around this area, which is still relatively new development.  Along with the real estate and economic downturn of recent years, some of these amazing condominiums are now available on auction or at much lower prices than when they were initially proposed.  So, if you are looking for a brand new condo, with amazing waterfront and city views just on the south edge of Downtown Portland, then this might be your next home.

East Portland Condos

When you want to live in an established, older part of Portland, then consider the East side for your Portland condo!  Hip, fun, and full of creative classes of all sorts, the east side of Portland is full of young energy, diversity, and many options for condos.  Because you are on the East side of the river and not Downtown, you may also find more affordable options to fit your budget.  That said, there are still many fabulous choices with great views, and you can be a part of many wonderful East side neighborhoods.

Northwest Portland Condos

Northwest Portland is an older established neighborhood with a ton of style and charm. One of the most popular areas of town for both locals as well as Portland visitors, this area is full of amazing Victorian homes, some converted to condos, as well as other more modern options.  Northwest Portland offers a wide range of amenities such as fantastic restaurants and independent businesses, within easy walking distance or a short bus or train ride to other popular areas in Downtown and the Pearl District.  PGE Park, and of course Washington Park and the Zoo, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, and other popular areas are all nearby.

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