Portland Seafood

Portland Seafood – A visit to the Oregon coast could not be complete without sampling the areas seafood delights which the northern Pacific coast is famous for. The variety is extraordinary and with the vast numbers of Portland seafood markets and restaurants, Oregon’s famous Pacific Northwest seafood is a must-have experience. There are literally hundreds of local fisherman and fishing businesses heading out every day of the year to catch those tasty morsels that are served up by some of the top seafood restaurants in Oregon. The industry is perhaps the biggest on the Oregon coastline and as such, you’ll find a whole variety of different seafood dishes and products available. From the bigger cities to the small fishing villages, you’ll find seafood markets and restaurants in most every neighborhood and area.

The South Beach Fish Market is famous for their seafood.

Portland Seafood: Restaurants The number of different species and resultant dishes are as diverse as the Oregon coastline itself. Some of the most famous seafood is salmon , of course, so it should come as no surprise to find restaurants serving up all sorts of salmon dishes. Another popular Portland seafood dish is halibut , also served in a wide variety of menu choices, and one of the Oregon coast’s main fishes used in their popular fish and chips dish.