Portland Neighborhood Map

If you’d like to learn about each individual neighborhood in Portland, and what makes each one unique and special, you have come to the right place. You can explore all of Portland’s neighborhoods from right here on our PortlandNeighborhood.com Map!

How to Use the Map: It’s simple! Just click one of the neighborhood names from the menu, or click a marker on the map and that neighborhood’s position will be highlighted on the map, along with a neighborhood information box. Please wait a few seconds for the map to load. Click and hold your mouse button down to reposition the map.

Click any neighborhood marker to learn more about that neighborhood. To learn more about that Portland neighborhood, click “Neighborhood Page” in the information box. That’s it! When you click “Neighborhood Page” You will go directly to that neighborhood’s web page where you can learn more about the neighborhood including it’s location, photos, demographics, parks and services, restaurants, businesses, community events calendar, and more.

For your convenience, we have also included a link to the Census Data from the City of Portland Online website. Click the “Census Data” link in the neighborhood information box to read census statistics.

This is where the new Portland neighborhood map will go. Apologies! Hang on, it will be back and better than ever. (ETA Fall 2019)

Note – If your browser does not display the clickable map, that’s ok. Just and visit the Portland neighborhoods page and visit the pages by name.