Portsmouth is located in North Portland and is bordered by St. Johns, University Park, and Kenton neighborhoods. 

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As a result of the Portland real estate market boom and like many other Portland neighborhoods, Portsmouth has seen an influx of new residents to the area. As one might imagine, Portsmouth has some wonderful areas with beautifully improved homes and neighborhoods and some still in transition.

Residents use the Jantzen Beach shopping center (Target and Safeway), St Johns Safeway, Fred Meyer, Arbor Lodge New Seasons Market and have their pick of St Johns, Kenton, Cathedral Park, Arbor Lodge (and more) restaurants, boutiques, bike shops and of course, coffee shops.


Portsmouth Community Garden

McCoy Park and Community Garden Basketball courts, playground, water play feature

Northgate Park Baseball field, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, softball field, lighted tennis court and water play feature

University Park Picnic tables, playground, soccer field and softball field

Portsmouth Park Soccer and softball fields

McKenna Park Basketball court, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, softball field

Columbia Park Baseball field, playground, soccer field, softball field, lighted tennis court, volleyball court and water play feature

Trenton Park Basketball courts, playground, picnic tables

George Park Picnic area

Nearby parks and recreation:

Heron Lakes Golf Course

Portland International Raceway

Arbor Lodge Park  Dog off-leash area, horseshoe pit, paved paths, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, softball field, and lighted tennis courts.

Peninsula Park  Basketball and tennis courts, gymnasium, paved paths, gorgeous old rose garden, play structures and outdoor swimming pool.

Gammans City Park Picnic tables and playground

Farragut Park Basketball courts, soccer field, paved paths and playground

Community Resources

Multnomah County Library – North Portland

Portsmouth Day Care

Neighborhood Schools

Religious Organizations (churches, synagogues, places of worship, private schools)

Neighborhood Public Transit – bus routes, train stops, etc.

Portsmouth Neighborhood Association

North Portland Tool Library  “The North Portland Tool Library (NPTL) is a community resource that loans a wide variety of tools to community members free of charge. The Tool Library benefits North Portland residents by reducing the costs of maintaining and improving their homes, building community, and sustaining diverse, livable neighborhoods.”

Portsmouth Neighborhood Vibe

Young, old, singletons and families -old and new- call this neighborhood home.  This area is still evolving as are most of the North Portland neighborhoods.  Community involvement is real and people are engaged.  There are still some rough areas as with most urban neighborhoods.  Overall, this community is on the rise.


Portsmouth Zip Code 97203

Local Crime Stats


Portsmouth Real Estate

Portsmouth is comprised of mostly modest homes with architectural styles such as Portland’s Craftsman style Bungalow, Cottages, Old Portland, Victorian, Foursquare and other mid-sized, one and two story homes.

If you are interested in buying or selling a home in this Portland neighborhood, visit our Portland Real Estate Page for more information, or visit our Portland Real Estate Map to search the RMLS for neighborhood homes for sale.