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The Russell Neighborhood is located in East Portland. It is bordered by the Parkrose Heights, Argay, Wilkes, and Hazelwood Neighborhoods.

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Because this neighborhood is so small, it doesn’t have many points of interest. Russell is home to the University of Western States, which has a campus on the Northern side of the neighborhood.

Russell is on the border of I-84, making it easily accessible by car. The main thoroughfares are 122nd ave and Halsey st, which mark its Western and Southern borders, respectively. Beyond a shopping center on the SW corner, this neighborhood is almost all residential.

Russell Neighborhood Businesses of Note

Chang’s Mongolian Grill

If you want a unique and flavorful dining experience, Chang’s is always ready to deliver. The Mongolian style of cooking is unlike anything else you’ve seen, and it is always fun to watch the chefs prepare your food. Since this is an all-you-can-eat establishment, you better come extra hungry.

Although Chang’s has multiple locations throughout Oregon, this is only one within Portland itself. For the uninitiated, Mongolian cooking is when you bring uncooked meats, veggies, and noodles to a massive communal wok. You hand the ingredients to the chef, who cooks and mixes it all for you while you watch. Afterward, you can add spices, hot oil, and other seasonings to make your dish even tastier.

According to legend, this style of cooking was popularized during Genghis Khan’s rule. Because the Mongols were nomadic, they had to figure out a simple method of cooking. Legend says that soldiers used the backs of their shields as makeshift woks to sear and cook whatever meat was around. After the Mongolian conquest of China, the Chinese started adding vegetables and noodles to the mix.

Whether the legend is true or not, you can’t argue that the food is exquisite and bursting with flavor.

Chang’s Mongolian Grill – 1600 NE 122nd Ave

Akira Sushi

It’s no secret that Portlanders love themselves some sushi. In the last few decades, these restaurants have exploded onto the culinary scene, with a new sushi spot seemingly around every corner.

Russell residents don’t have to travel far for some delectable bites, as Akira Sushi has them covered. This is a revolving sushi bar, so guests can pick and choose which dishes they want as they move past their gaze. Don’t worry though, you can still order fresh rolls and noodles from the menu.

Overall, Akira is an average sushi restaurant for Portland. While none of the rolls are out of this world, they are all delicious and sure to satisfy your cravings.

Akira Sushi – 1718 NE 122nd Ave.


Our tour of Asian cuisine is still not done. Once you’ve sampled some of the best dishes that Portland has to offer, why not learn how to make them at home?

FuAsian is a hands-on cooking school that specializes in Thai, Vietnamese, and Asian fusion dishes. Items like Pho and Pad Thai are relatively simple to make, but learning how to do it from the pros will elevate your culinary skills and make each meal an experience.

Classes run for about four weeks, and they teach you all of the basics. Feel free to take all three classes so that you can become a FuAsian master! This company also does catering.

FuAsian Cooking Classes – 13775 NE Eugene St

Russell Neighborhood Parks

John Luby City Park

Thompson City Park

East Holladay Park

Knott City Park

Merrifield City Park

Russell Community Resources

Russell Neighborhood Association


Russell Elementary School

Parkrose Middle School

Parkrose High School

Russell Neighborhood Vibe

This is a quiet, laid-back neighborhood. While there is some excitement where 122nd and Halsey meet, the rest of Russell is welcoming residential.


Zip Code 97230

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