Sabin Neighborhood Guide

Sabin is located in Northeast Portland. It is bordered by the King, Vernon, Concordia, Alameda, and Irvington neighborhoods. Although this neighborhood is one of the smallest in Portland, it packs plenty of personality. Sabin has an incredible amount amenities within its tiny borders and is just south of the famous Alberta Street Arts District. The Sabin neighborhood is located in the heart of inner Northeast, making it an ideal choice for families and local Portlanders of all ages.

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Sabin Hydro Park

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If you’re not familiar with the concept of a HydroPark, it’s a multi-use space that combines green areas with the city’s water treatment facilities. Before, these buildings and reservoirs were closed off to the public, but Portland has torn down the fencing so that the locals can care for the land and get some extra natural space in the process. The Sabin Hydro Park also features a shared community garden.


Features of Sabin Neighborhood and Street Tour

Sabin is very conveniently located in NE Portland, just North of Irving Park and the Irvington neighborhood, west of Alameda neighborhood, along Fremont St. east of MLK.  Just north of the neighborhood, you’ll find Concordia and the popular Alberta Arts District along Alberta Street. The convenient location makes it an easy commute to downtown, and close to freeways for access to other areas of Portland.  There is a nice community feel to this older established neighborhood. Neighbors enjoy walking to the park, enjoying the community garden on 11th Avenue, or walking along Fremont Street, which is where our street tour will begin.

Sabin is mostly residential, so the vast majority of the streets are full of homes, churches, and schools. However, a walk along Fremont St on the southern border will yield some interesting finds. We begin at Acadia, which is a New Orleans inspired eatery, serving up heaping helpings of Creole goodness, from Andouille sausage to cajun jambalaya. Next is Verdigris, a boutique French restaurant where a full three-course meal awaits you.

From there, we’ll grab a drink and a book to read, courtesy of the Rose City Book Pub. It’s like a library with a vast wine and beer selection. If you want to pick yourself up after a few glasses, be sure to grab a cup of joe at Caffe Destino next door. 

Across 14th avenue is a massive shopping complex, complete with a Whole Foods, Starbucks, and several children’s shops to find both toys and clothing for your little ones. Sabin is a very family-friendly neighborhood, meaning that you’ll see plenty of kids around. It’s an excellent place for new families, particularly around the holiday season. 

Finishing off our tour is a local dive bar the Holy Goat and Mojos Sushi. Past those are endless rows of houses until we reach the Alameda neighborhood next door.  

Sabin Neighborhood Businesses of Note

We touched on almost all of the highlights offered by this neighborhood during our street tour, but now is when we can dive in a little deeper to see what’s going on beneath the surface. Whether visiting Sabin or living here, you have some incredible places to eat and shop. 

Pok Pok Wing

While the main restaurant gets all the hype, this version has just as much flavor and notoriety. This is also one of three Wing locations in Portland, so if you can’t get your fix here, don’t worry. 

As the name implies, the specialty here is wings. The best option is Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings (we like them spicy), but feel free to explore the menu. Other offerings include Mantou Chinese steam buns (with chicken, pork, or tofu), the Pok Pok Dog, or their famous tofu wings. This restaurant is where you come to get high-quality street food. Pok Pok Wing is also well-suited for delivery, so be sure to put in an order if you can’t swing by in person. 

Pok Pok Wing – 1469 NE Prescott Ave

Acadia: A New Orleans Bistro

While Portland has many world-class restaurants within its borders, you’d be surprised at how hard it is to find authentic Creole food here. That is, it would be hard to find if you weren’t in the Sabin neighborhood. Acadia has been around for a while, serving up classic Southern comfort dishes alongside more chic fare for the hipster crowd. 

The atmosphere here is unassuming and friendly, meaning that’s it an excellent place to come with guests. The menu also changes throughout the year, so be sure to visit regularly to see what’s new in the kitchen. 

Some of Acadia’s specialties include soft shell crab, pork, veal, and duck “Terrine Du Noir,” and some of the best catfish this side of the Mason-Dixon line. You need to come here with a big appetite and clean hands, because things are about to get messy in the best way possible. 

Acadia: A New Orleans Bistro – 1303 NE Fremont St.

Rose City Book Pub

If you’ve ever taken a stroll down the walkways at Powell’s City of Books, you know that Portlanders love to read. However, one of the problems with going to the library or bookstore is that the food and beverage options are so limited. What if you want to knock back a pint or a glass of wine with your novel?

Well, if that sounds like paradise, you need to visit the Rose City Book Pub. This spot perfectly blends the calm serenity of a library with the menu selection of a high-class Portland gastropub. Nothing on the menu is jaw-dropping, but they do have a variety of sandwiches, quinoa bowls, and salads to accompany your reading. 

As far as beers go, Rose City likes to keep things local with a rotating tap of Northwest beers. Books, booze, and a quiet, unassuming atmosphere – we’ve reached peak Portland. 

Rose City Book Pub – 1329 NE Fremont St.

Beanstalk Children’s Resale

One of the problems with buying stuff for your kids is that they will grow out of it so fast. What if you could resell those items for cash, as well as buy other gently used products from the same store? This is the thinking behind Beanstalk, a local consignment chain that caters to the youth. 

Beanstalk is the perfect addition to Sabin since there are so many families within this neighborhood. Now, instead of dropping tons of cash at the mall or department store, you can save money while helping the community. They accept a wide array of items, from toys to books to clothes to accessories. This also means that the selection changes all the time, and you can do most of your shopping here. Never pay full price for your kids again. 

Beanstalk Children’s Resale – 3527 NE 15th ave

Holy Goat

When it comes to nightlife in Sabin, there is not much to do. However, residents can appreciate one of the two bars along Fremont Street, the Holy Goat. This bar is different than most others in the city, though. Not only do they close earlier than their contemporaries, but you can come in for breakfast and lunch as well. 

While the food here is great at all hours of the day, you really need to visit for the happy hour specials. Typical bar food like burgers, fries, and mozzarella sticks are par for the course, and you can even get breakfast items for dinner if you wish. However, the height of Holy Goat’s offerings is Prime Rib Night, which happens every other Friday. Just in case you needed another excuse to check this place out. 

Holy Goat – 1501 NE Fremont St. 

Sabin Neighborhood Parks

Part of what makes Sabin such a remarkable neighborhood is how tight-knit it feels. A significant reason for that is its community association, who partnered with the Portland Fruit Tree Project to create the Sabin Community Orchard. This cooperative initiative began in 2010 with just a handful of trees. Since then, it’s grown to encompass over 30 fruit trees, as well as other plants and crops. Sabin has a veritable “food forest” within its borders – something that no other neighborhood in Portland can claim. In addition to the orchard, the neighborhood also has a community garden, located at Sabin HydroPark. 

Overall, Sabin is a nature lover’s dream. Whether you take a stroll down the tree-lined streets or participate in the community gardens, you will feel connected to both the community and the ecosystem at large. 

Sabin HydroPark

Irving Park

Sabin Community Orchard

Sabin Community Garden

Sabin Neighborhood Community Resources

Sabin Community Association

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods

Restore Oregon (Formerly the Historic Preservation League of Oregon)

Tri Met – Interactive Maps and Schedules for Bus, Max and Streetcar

Sabin Neighborhood Schools

Elementary school: Sabin Elementary School
Middle school: Beaumont Middle School
High school: Grant High School

Sabin Neighborhood Vibe

Because this neighborhood is so small, it’s much more community-oriented than other spots in Portland. In most neighborhoods, you probably don’t know many of the people living on your block. However, in Sabin, chances are that you know most of the residents, particularly if you participate in one of the many neighborhood initiatives, like the community orchard or garden. 

Sabin is also highly welcoming to families, both young and old. The streets are well-maintained and there is a sense of pride within the area. When you live in Sabin, you become part of it. 

Sabin Neighborhood Real Estate

Sabin features many charming older East Portland style homes, including Craftsman bungalows, and Old Portland foursquare. While most of the houses here are original, there are some new options available that offer a more modern vibe. Sabin is a blend of old and new Portland, attracting families and individuals young and old alike. 

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Sabin Neighborhood Business Listings

Acadia: A New Orleans Bistro – 1303 NE Fremont St.

Verdigris – 1315 NE Fremont St.

Rose City Book Pub – 1329 NE Fremont St.

Caffe Destino – 1339 NE Fremont St.

Inner Gate Acupuncture – 3531 NE 15th ave, Suite A

Broadway Hairweevers – 3516 NE 15th

Holy Goat – 1501 NE Fremont St.

Beanstalk Children’s Clothing – 3527 NE 15th Ave

Pok Pok Wing – 1469 NE Prescott Ave

Sabin Neighborhood: Friends We’ve Lost

Fremont Wild OatsNatural Grocery Store

Right around the corner within walking distance along 15th avenue, you’ll find Wild Oats Market, a natural grocery store featuring many organic and healthy products.

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