St Johns Review Newspaper

by Gayla Patton

(Portland, Oregon)

St. Johns has had their own newspaper for 107 years. It is the oldest community newspaper in Portland. While it accepts advertising to pay for the publication to be printed, mailed and delivered, it offers free postings for all neighborhood events, including events at Roosevelt High School, its many neighborhood associations and business associations, as well as other non-profit organizations. It features community news, meeting notices, human interest stories, historical articles written by life-long resident Jim Speirs, and other relevant news in the entire North Portland area.

Owner and editor is Gayla Patton who has owned the paper for 17 years. The website is:; phone is 503-283-5086; Office address is: 6635 N. Baltimore, Suite 261 in Cathedral Park Place and the mailing address is: PO Box 83068, Portland, Oregon 97283.