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Sumner is located in Northeast Portland. It is bordered by the Cully, Parkrose, Madison South and Roseway neighborhoods, and on the North by Portland International Airport.

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Sumner Neighborhood Glass Factory

sumner neighborhood portland
The Owens Illinois Glass Plant is located in the Sumner neighborhood (9710 NE Glass Plant Rd.) near the Columbia River and north of most of the neighborhood homes. This Glass Plant primarily manufactures glass drinking bottles.

Features of Sumner Neighborhood

Sumner has mostly stayed true to itself over the years, avoiding much of the renovation and changes that have come to Portland in recent years. While there are some flashes of updates here and there, the neighborhood is really familiar to those who have lived in the area for decades. Many of the streets are missing sidewalks, helping to give it a more old-school natural vibe. 

Residents here are diverse, thanks to the affordable housing and proximity to transit and shopping options. As with other NE neighborhoods in Portland, Sumner is divided into residential in the south and industrial/commercial in the north. A significant portion of the northern half is taken up by the Johnson Lake area – a natural green space with a decent-sized lake in its center. While this park isn’t managed by the city, it offers some excellent walking trails and views. I-205 cuts down the eastern border, but fortunately, traffic noise isn’t deafening. 

Sumner Neighborhood Businesses of Note

If you’re in the area and want to find the “main drag,” Sandy blvd is your best bet. The western border of Sumner is NE 82nd ave, which also serves as a highway of sorts, allowing you quick access up and down the eastern half of Portland. Here are some of the highlights that you can expect to find when visiting. 

Namaste Indian Cuisine

It may not be apparent at first, but Portland is a hotbed of high-quality Indian restaurants. While not as ubiquitous as breweries, dispensaries, or dive bars, you’re never too far away from incredible Indian dishes. For Sumner residents, the place to be is Namaste. Yes, the name may call to mind yoga classes, but it means “most welcome,” so it fits the scenery perfectly. 

Since 2001, Namaste Indian Cuisine has been delighting restaurant-goers with simple dishes packed with flavor. The chefs here are serious about infusing a sense of spirituality with the food, adding to the overall experience. Even better, much of the menu is vegetarian or vegan, making both a delicious and healthy choice.  

Namaste Indian Cuisine – 8303 NE Sandy Blvd

Escape Bar and Grill

When it comes to nightlife in Sumner, Escape Bar and Grill is one of the primary destinations for both residents and visitors. The location has always been a bar, but once the new owners took over several years ago, it transformed from a standard dive bar into something more whimsical and friendly. Here is one of the few locations in Sumner that has a “new Portland” vibe, thanks to its blend of high-class cocktails, hipster-centric clientele, and bar games. You can find it all here – darts, pool, shuffleboard, and even giant versions of Jenga and Connect 4. Karaoke nights are also a highlight, so be sure to warm up your crooning voice and bring some friends. 

As far as food, you can expect more than your standard fried dishes (although they’re here too). Some of the more notable options include a pulled pork sandwich, steak salad, Brazilian cheese bread, and spicy battered cauliflower. Escape caters to everyone’s tastes, making it even more appealing to both locals and transplants. 

Escape Bar and Grill – 9004 NE Sandy Blvd

Stan’s Food and Deli

One reason why Sumner feels like it’s mostly avoided the “new Portland” wave is that many of the buildings and businesses have been around since before the change. One of the oldest is Stan’s Food and Deli, which has been catering to locals for over 50 years. You can’t miss Stan’s, thanks to the massive roof sign and colorful mural along the wall. 

Even the menu hasn’t changed much in the last five decades. While most people come to Stan’s for food and convenience items, it’s also an excellent place for a killer sandwich and coffee. They make awesome deli-style sandwiches with fresh-baked bread, crisp lettuce, and your choice of meat and cheese. Also, if you’re looking for something hot, we highly recommend the chicken tenders or the French dip. 

Stan’s Food and Deli – 5020 NE 82nd Ave

DAV Bingo

These days, bingo halls are few and far between, but they can still be a lot of fun. DAV Bingo has been around for a while, providing good, clean fun to Sumner area residents. Every day has something going on, and some of the prize pools can get pretty substantial. If you ever want to try your luck at getting some cold, hard cash, here is the best place to do it. 

Not only is it fun to play, but you can feel good about supporting local veterans as well. The demographic here does skew towards the older generations, but bingo transcends age and background. Everyone is welcome, and everyone gets a chance to become a winner. 

Disabled American Veteran’s Bingo – 8725 NE Sandy Blvd

Sumner Neighborhood Podcast

Prefer to listen? We’ve got you covered. The Portland Neighborhood Podcast will cover every single Portland neighborhood, one neighborhood per episode. Join us on this exclusive audio journey and discover each 95+ colorful and unique Portland ‘hoods.

Sumner Neighborhood Information

Sumner Association of Neighbors Website

Sumner Neighborhood Parks

Johnson Lake

The Grotto 

Rocky Butte Natural Area 

Sumner Neighborhood Schools

Prescott Elementary School

Roseway Heights Middle School

Parkrose High School

Sumner Neighborhood Stats

Zip Code 97220 

Crime Stats

Census Data


Sumner Neighborhood Real Estate

Homes in this neighborhood are mostly single units, although there are a few larger models sprinkled throughout. The area is diverse and family-friendly – you can spot kids playing in their yards on most weekends. Parts of Sumner are very tight-knit, with neighbors watching out for each other and creating a strong community. Sumner is also great for walking, particularly if you live closer to Sandy Blvd. 

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