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Mt Hood Oregon

Mt Hood Oregon - Mt Hood is a dormant volcano located 50 miles southeast of Portland, Oregon. Surrounded by a natural forest, Mt Hood is a staggering 11,245 feet high, the highest peak in Oregon. During summer, Mount Hood is a popular destination for hikers and backpackers, and offers many activities and attractions. By winter, the mountain becomes a hotspot for skiing and winter sports. Visible for literally hundreds of miles around, it's estimated around 10,000 people attempt to reach the summit of the Mt Hood each year. Mount Hood is home to glaciers, commonly referred to as snow fields, sitting about 6,000ft, just above the tree line, giving the mountain an intriguing contrast in color and formation. Mount Hood is home to many different activities, which differ by season. Mount Hood is one of Oregon's top tourist destinations in the state and never fails to impress those who visit, whatever the season.

Standing at the top of Timberline


Mt Hood Oregon: Activities

Some of the activities Mt Hood has to offer include hiking, climbing, horseback riding, skiing and camping. If hiking is your thing, the Timberline trail will take you all the way around the mountain and through the natural forest surrounding Mount Hood. This 41 mile long hike is picturesque throughout spring and summer. A section of the Timberline trail on the western portion of the mountain forms part of the much wider 145 mile long Pacific Crest trail often referred to as the PCT.

Climbing and mountaineering is one of Mount Hood's most popular attractions. One of more widely used climbing routes is the 'south route', which starts off at the Timberline lodge and passes through some of the 12 glaciers which inhabit the mountain. As climbers near the peak, an opening in the rock formation on the summit of the mountain, dubbed 'The Pearly Gates' opens up for climbers to pass through to reach the peak. There is a wealth of safety information and recommended routes, and there's even slightly less harder climbing challenges available for the non-hardcore mountaineers out there.

Horseback riding at Mount Hood is a great group activity, and experiencing the picturesque scenery from the back of a horse is an experience you'll never forget. During the winter months, horse drawn sleighs are available.

If you want to experience the great outdoors the good old fashioned way, try camping out in one of the many campsites available through the Mount Hood territory. The national forest surrounding the mountain creates the perfect camping backdrop offering a traditional camping and outdoors experience.

Mountain biking is also popular throughout the trails of Mt Hood and there are trails and tracks for all different experience levels.

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Mt Hood Oregon: Ski Mt Hood


During the winter months, Mt Hood is transformed into a bustling ski resort, attracting ski enthusiasts from all over the country. Mount Hood Meadows ski resort offers something for all levels- from first timers to professionals. The resort extends into the Mt Hood National Forest offering a perfect skiing environment with plenty of scenery.

Ski lessons are available-- and not just for beginners-- if you're looking to touch up your skills or just get a refresher course. Other amenities include certified child care while you hit the slopes. If you're not into the entertainment paradise of the lodge no worries-- Mt Hood offers 240 acres of night ski accessible areas. You can even take ski lessons after dark.

There are 85 different ski runs available with the longest measuring three miles in length. The ski season usually begins around Thanksgiving and runs all the way through May. The resort receives more than 430” of snow per year thanks to a constant stream of Pacific moisture. If winter sports is your thing, Mount Hood is a destination that is not to be missed.


Mt Hood Oregon: Accommodations

Timberline Lodge

the resort at the mountain

Mt Hood Village Resort (RV Park)

Clackamas County Parks (Camping)

Best Western Mount Hood

Best Western Sandy

Huckleberry Inn

Snowline Motels and Cabins

Mt Hood Oregon from Trillium Lake



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