Portland Trivia Night

Portland Trivia Night Guide. Woohoo, it’s pub quiz night! Portland features two qualities that make it perfect for trivia night: 1) we have long, dark, wet winters, and 2) Portland is one of the best microbrew capitals of the world. What could be more fun than spending a rainy night at your favorite local Portland bar trivia night while tossing back a cold one and laughing with your friends? Of course it’s true that alcohol and sharp brain power don’t mix, so non-drinkers are welcome, too. In fact, they may be the only people on your team who actually do well answering the questions!

Portland Trivia Night Hosts

There are tons of incredible Portland trivia night hosts to choose from. Browse through the trivia hosts below, check out their schedules, and find the Portland trivia night that best appeals to you!

1. Geeks Who Drink Trivia

If you’re into trivia in Portland undoubtedly you’ve come across “geeks who drink” and their funny and casual traveling quiz nights around town, including their famous “Name that Tune” quiz with soundbites. (National company.)

Here is their full Portland area schedule with locations all around town and events nearly every day of the week.

2. Last Call Trivia

Last Call Trivia is another company operation in Portland that hosts trivia nights nearly every night of the week. They have their own national trivia league you can rank in by participating in their games, and all their trivia nights (the trivia event itself) is free. (National company.)

Here is their full Portland area schedule with all locations, days, and times around town.

3. ShanRocks Trivia

ShanRock and her team host trivia nights all across town, that are always free to play and highly reviewed (and come with real prizes!). Host – Shannon Donaldson. (Local Portland company.)

Here is their full Portland area schedule with all locations, days, and times around town.

4. Bridgetown Trivia

Bridgetown is local team of trivia hosts with their events, trivia style, and tournament events. (Local Portland company.)

Here is their full Portland area trivia schedule with all locations, days, and times around town.

5. Rain Brain Trivia

Rain Brian Trivia is another small team of local Portland trivia hosts with their own events around town. (Local Portland company.)

Here is their full Portland area schedule with all locations, days, and times around town.

6. Untapped Trivia

Untapped Trivia is a dynamic Portland duo hosting in-person trivia (and now also online) since 2016. They are avid beer and cider fans and love working with local businesses and fundraising for Portland non-profits. (Local Portland company.)

Here is their full Portland area trivia schedule.

7. Rip City Trivia

Rip City Trivia is a Portland based, host-owned company with a full schedule. They are currently hosting trivia nights at Rogue Hall, Civic Taproom, and Tyron Creek Bar in SW Portland. Happy Valley Station in Happy Valley (of course). Also North Bar in SE Portland, McPeet’s in NE Portland (and more locations, check their website out).

Portland Trivia Night Locations

The list below will contain local Portland trivia hosts only – ShanRocks, Bridgetown, and Rain Brain Trivia. For the big national trivia host’s events, click the links above for their schedules in town.

Northeast Portland Trivia Night

Swift Cider Bar (Untapped Trivia)
100 NE Farragut St.
Wednesdays at 7pm.
Eastburn. (ShanRock’s Trivia)
1800 E Burnside St.
Thursdays at 7pm. Sundays at 5pm.
Cruzroom (ShanRock’s Trivia)
2338 NE Alberta St.
Tuesdays at 7pm.
Alberta Street Pub (Bridgetown Trivia)
1036 NE Alberta St.
Mondays at 7pm.
Church Bar (Bridgetown Trivia)
2600 NE Sandy Blvd.
Wednesdays at 7pm.
Mad Greek Deli (Rain Brain Trivia)
1740 E. Burnside St.
Tuesday nights.
Peter’s Bar and Grill (ShanRock’s Trivia)
5701 NE Fremont St.
Wednesdays at 7pm.
Level Beer (Level Beer Trivia)
5211 NE 148th Ave.
Wednesdays at 6pm.

Southeast Portland Trivia Night

Hawthorne HopHouse (ShanRock’s Trivia)
4111 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Tues. at 7:30pm.
There be Monsters (Bridgetown Trivia)
1308 SE Morrison St.
Mondays at 7:15pm.
Bare Bones Bar (ShanRock’s Trivia)
2900 SE Belmont St.
Thursdays at 7pm.
The Speakeasy (ShanRock’s Trivia)
609 SE Taylor
Tuesdays at 8pm.
Zach’s Shack (ShanRock’s Trivia)
4611 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Thursdays at 8pm.
Schilling Cider House (Bridgetown Trivia)
930 SE 10th Ave
Tuesdays at 7pm.
Baby Doll Pizza (Bridgetown Trivia)
2835 SE Stark St.
Wednesdays at 7pm.
Blackbird Pizza (Bridgetown Trivia)
1935 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Wednesdays at 7pm.
The Side Door (Bridgetown Trivia)
425 SE Washington St.
Wednesdays at 7pm.
The Toffee Club (Bridgetown Trivia)
1006 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Wednesdays at 7:30pm.
Grixen Brewing Company (Bridgetown Trivia)
1001 SE Divison St.
Thursdays at 7pm.
No Fun Bar (Bridgetown Trivia)
1709 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Thursdays at 7pm.
La Merde (ShanRock’s Trivia)
301 SE Morrison St
Wednesdays at 7pm.

North Portland Trivia Night

Advice Booth (Untapped Trivia)
5426 N Gay Ave.
Tuesdays at 7pm.
Chill N Fill (Rain Brain Trivia)
5215 N Lombard St.
Mondays at 7pm.
The Waypost (ShanRock’s Trivia)
3120 N Williams Ave
Tues. at 8pm.
The Twilight Room (Bridgetown Trivia)
5242 N Lombard St
Tuesdays at 8pm.
Lombard Pub (ShanRock’s Trivia)
3416 N Lombard St.
Wednesdays at 8pm.

Southwest Portland Trivia Night

Jolly Roger (Bridgetown Trivia)
5627 SW Kelly St.
Wednesdays at 8pm.

The Growler Guys
3739 S Bond Ave
Tuesdays at 7pm.

Get a group of friends together, come up with a funny name for your team, and see how well you do answering the trivia questions. It’s actually quite difficult to come up with answers for everything because the questions are totally random and range in topics all over the map. So, if you don’t know much about American history, sports, or politics, that’s ok…because perhaps you’ll find you do have a deep knowledge about 1980s hair bands, and that might be one of the topics of the night. Honestly, I am really horrible at trivia games, but I still have a great time. The Pub Quiz nights all seem to have a little different style and flair, depending on who is hosting them. Some are easier, some are more difficult, but all are share one thing in common: they are great Portland fun!

If you’re looking for the local trivia nights, we’ve got your list of Portland Pub Quizzes listed. If we missed any, or date/locations/times have changed, please contact us to let us know so we can get it added or updated here on the Portland trivia page. Because these schedules are subject to change frequently, before heading out it’s a good idea to check with the bar to make sure the trivia night hasn’t been moved or cancelled.

We hope you enjoy your visit to one of our Portland Trivia Nights locations. Looking for more fun things to do in Portland beyond Portland bar trivia? No Problem! Visit our Portland Major Attractions page and our Portland Major Events Calendar for more idea of fun things to do in Portland.

Friends we’ve lost along the way.

Please tell us if it isn’t true, but here are some of the Portland trivia companies and locations that are no longer with us.


About Roy’s Quizzy: “Since I started Quizzy in November of 2004, I’ve witnessed two other bar trivia events, and been told by Quizzy players of many more. The primary (but by no means only) complaint about some of these other pub quizzes is what I have come to call the Kylie Minogue Factor. Apparently, there is this deformed Australian named Kylie Minogue who recorded some awful, awful music some time back in the current century. One time, my team lost a Quizzo in Philly because of something to do with her. Thus, when I moved back here to Portland, I pledged not to reward anyone for knowing about the total soul-vacuum that passes for modern American mass culture. Thus, you will never have to know anything about American Idol, or CSI, or Coldplay, or Twilight (I’ll update these examples as newer, still-dumber ones replace them).” I can personally attest to the fact that Roy’s Quizzy questions are NOT for the mindless, vapid, or feint of heart (I do like CSI, though). But, that makes it more fun.

Quizzy Website

Pub Quiz USA

Pub Quiz USA is dedicated to the UN-geniuses! We take pride in providing questions that challenge but
not overwhelm, so you can drink beer and still score high. From pop culture to philosophy, from geography to gas prices, its anyone’s game!

Trivia with Katie Shimer

She used to host regular Portland trivia nights at the New Old Lompocs, and Club 21.

Trivia Night a Go Go

Hosts: Andrew Fuller and Zander Speaks at the Morrison Hotel Bar.

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