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Welcome to Portland Neighborhood.com, your local Portland neighborhood guide. Go there right now and click on the Portland neighborhood map to learn more about each and every local neighborhood. We’re celebrating Portland with in-depth intimate profiles and updated spotlight articles on the unique elements of each Portland neighborhood. We also have collected abundant resources to help you live well in the city of Portland, providing helpful insider links, tips, and resources. Whether your moving to Portland or are a long time resident, this is a living neighborhood guide just for you.

Portland Neighborhood Podcast

Each podcast episode will cover a single Portland neighborhood until we have covered all 95+ colorful and unique Portland ‘hoods. Join us on this exclusive audio journey and discover all that Rose City has to offer! Click the buttons on the player to subscribe and share.

The Locals View: Portland Neighborhoods & the City of Portland, Oregon

Welcome to Portland, Oregon– the biggest little city you’ll ever find.
Portland is full of wonderful neighborhoods, each one boasting individual flair, personality and character. Whether you’re a local, a visitor, or you’re moving to Portland, we’ll break it all down for you, neighborhood by neighborhood so you can decide for yourself what to see and what to do in Portland, Oregon. There are ninety-five Portland neighborhoods that make our town an exciting, vibrant and diverse place to visit and live.

Pambiche Mural in SE Portland

Come explore and experience Portland, Oregon and the look and feel of each Portland neighborhood as you journey through the urban neighborhood profiles that tell the story of the people, places, and independent businesses who define each living community.  Our neighborhood pages include Portland neighborhood maps, information about local parks, farmer’s markets, the best Portland restaurants and independently owned businesses, Portland school ratings, and more!

We define “commute” a little differently than most

The best commute

8am on the Hawthorne bridge

Learn about each and every one of the ninety-five Portland Neighborhoods.

Think of our neighborhoods like distinct little villages, speckled about our fine city. Each neighborhood is truly unique- what you find in one won’t likely be found in another. Find the perfect fit for you, whether it be buying a home in Portland or renting an apartment in your favorite Portland neighborhood.

Looking to head out and enjoy Portland restaurants & pubs?

We have a wealth of insider tips and guides for you to peruse and ponder. Want to find the best local places to wine, dine, and experience? We won’t send you to a chain or big-box anything, ever. Promise.

If you’re visiting Portland, then look no further!

We have a great Visiting Portland Guide where you’ll discover there is no shortage of things to see and do in Portland.

Come on in, explore and get to know Portland- the real Portland.

Our pages are written by locals and set to the tune of images, stories and neighborhood voices.

Cozy up with a great cup of coffee and stay awhile; this is home.

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