Portland Oregon Events

So, whether it’s an event or festival down on the waterfront, a show at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, the Portland Symphony or Ballet, or the Portland Rose Festival, come check the events calendar and find out what is going on in the Rose City.

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If you’re visiting Portland, don’t miss our Portland Attractions page for a huge list of local attractions and even more things to do.

Our mainstream Portland events venues are listed below, be sure to check the calendar for more local and community events.

Upcoming Portland Events

Portland Festival Events

Portland Rose Festival

Portland Waterfront Blues Festival

The Portland Oregon Zoo is popular for both locals and visitors.  And don’t miss Zoo Lights Portland Oregon, an annual holiday light show.

There are so many wonderful things to do in Portland, and when the sun comes out, the Tom McCall Riverfront Park is the place to be.  Droves of Portlanders head downtown to the waterfront for Portland Rose Festival Events, the annual Portland Blues Festival, and lots more!

Portland Dance Events

If you are in the mood for classical or modern dance performances, check these Portland dance events for some upcoming local performances.

Oregon Ballet Theatre – OBT

White Bird


Portland Theater Events

Portland theater events abound.  In fact, this is only a short list of the many Portland theaters in town.  From the avant garde, to Broadway, to children’s therater, in Portland, we have a wide range of theater events.  Purchase Event Tickets

Portland Center for the Performing Arts

Portland Center Stage

CoHo Productions

Brody Theatre


Oregon Children’s Theatre

Portland Music Events

This list covers the mainstream cultural Portland music events and doesn’t even attempt to address our massive live music scene of fantastic Portland bands and musicians playing all over town.  If you enjoy the opera or symphony, then Portland won’t disappoint you, and if your taste leans towards something less mainstream, then Portland has that too. Purchase Concert Tickets

Portland Opera

Portland Symphony

Portland Baroque Orchestra

Portland Symphonic Choir

Portland Taiko

Chamber Music Northwest

Portland Rose Garden Arena – Portland Rose Quarter

Portland Rose Quarter

The home to Portland sports events (the Portland Trailblazers) as well as big music venues, sports competitions, and other events.

Tickets to All Sporting Events


If you are looking for more ideas, visit our Things to Do in Portland page. Are we missing your Portland Oregon events or Portland theater from this page?  No problem, just contact us so we can add it, or add your own event to the Portland Oregon events calendar.