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Portland Coffee Roaster

Portland Coffee Roaster:  Portland is a coffee mecca of sorts and as such, is home to many locally owned and operated coffee roasters.  From big commercial roasters like Kobos and Boyd's to small-batch boutique indie roasters like Coava, Ristretto, Extracto, Spella, Heart, Blue Kangaroo and Cellar Door, Portland has it all.  If you are a coffee aficionado or cafe owner, you'll want to know all about your coffee options. 

Nationally known and highly coveted indie craft coffee roasters and coffee houses are seeking to differentiate themselves by doing something different.  Possibly spurred on or inspired by the Oregon craft brewing success that came out of the microbrewery revolution in the 1980's, Portland's coffee scene been reborn. 

So, how did it begin in Portland?  In the late 1990's, a then boutique Portland coffee roaster, Stumptown, started out grassroots style in SE Portland.  Like Starbucks before them, Stumptown reshaped how consumers viewed coffee from the cafe experience to what was in their cup. While Starbucks offered cookie cutter cafes seemingly devoid of character and drinks made by push-button-baristas, Stumptown was the absolute antithesis of that at small, very local and super hip employing knowledgeable staff.

Like Starbucks before them, Stumptown's success created opportunities for new Portland indie roasters to open their doors.  These craft roasters, such as Coava Roasters, grace the pages of FOODday, Imbibe, Sunset Magazine, Roast Magazine, The New York Times and more.  Each has defined themselves a specific niche in the coffee world. 

Portland Oregon Coffee Roasters: Peppering the city of Portland and beyond.

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Portland Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee  Once a small batch local darling, Stumptown has gone huge by setting its sights on New York City and Seattle 

Coava Roasters  A small batch roaster getting rave reviews in some of the more elite coffee houses in Portland

Portland Roasting  Urban legend has it that Portland Roasting was the first coffee roaster in Portland

Ristretto Roasting  A small roastery on upper Fremont and a cafe on N Williams.

Spella Coffee  You'll find Spella coffees operating out of a "coffee cart" in downtown Portland as well as its first ever bricks and mortar cafe in downtown Portland

Cellar Door Coffee A small batch roaster focusing on coffee from women owned farms

Bridgetown Roasters  A large roasting company mostly serving the commercial sector

Courier Coffee  Roasting in North Portland and delivering by bicycle

Schondecken Roasters  Offering coffee and cooking spices

McMenamins Coffee  The local giant mostly roasts for its large array of restaurants and pubs.  At nearly sixty locations, McMenamins is huge!  They also make their own condiments and beer.

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