Portland Neighborhood Writers

Despite all the changes Portland has seen in the last ten years, it still ranks as a top 10 place to live in the country according to U.S. News and World Report, and many others. Portland went through tremendous population growth from 2000 to 2010, growing an astonishing 10% in size. It is still growing, but at a more reasonable pace and the city has had time to adjust to those growing pains. If you live here, you know it is still the best “big” little city anywhere. At least we still think so.

We are long time Portland locals on a mission: to promote our Portland neighborhoods and the independent businesses and artists that thrive in them.

This website exists tell the story of Portland by exploring the unique personality of each Portland neighborhood. We live in the city and travel around doing “research” for this project (eating out, sitting in coffee shops, taking walking tours, talking to people…it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it)…Our goal is to give you an “insiders” view into what makes each neighborhood tick.

In our own personal journey of discovering Portland, we’ve learned a lot about the openness and warmth of the people, the history, the rich culture, and unique Northwestern lifestyle that makes our city such a wonderful place to live. Portlanders are often asked “How can you deal with all that rain?”, but once you discover everything that makes our town so special, and so very livable–you understand.

If you are thinking about moving here, then enjoy hunting through the neighborhood guides to get a feel for which location will best suit your desired lifestyle. If you’re a local, enjoy browsing and learning about the best places to visit or hang out. Portland is made of 95+ separate communities and the sense of neighborhood pride runs deep. This website will always be a work in progress, and will be enhanced based upon your feedback.  Want to reach us? Got some ideas? Want to submit some content? Contact Us. Thanks for visiting!