Portland Neighborhood Content Creators

Ryan Ao – Cinematographer

Ryan took on the task of creating a video for every Portland neighborhood with gusto and enthusiasm, a two year plus project that started in 2019. Ryan has over 20 years in the industry. He started with a passionate interest in developing his eye for street photography inspired by Henri Cartier Breson’s “decisive moment”, which influences his style as a cinematic storyteller. He loves nature and the Pacific Northwest. His biggest dream is to fly around the world in a UFO someday, but will settle for a ride in a rocket ship in the meantime.

Shannon Steed – Illustrator

Shannon is a graphic designer, commission painter, and muralist from San Diego (now in Portland) with a passion for aesthetics and composition. She is passionate about the process of creation and the development of a cohesive vision and hopes to one day live in an art museum, painting and watching movies all day with her 7 dogs.

Stephen FitzMaurice – Content Patron

Stephen is a top 1% real estate agent in Portland and in the United States and has a deep love for all things Portland. He has a strong desire to support PortlandNeighborhood.com because real estate is by its nature a local thing, and there is nothing more local in Portland than its neighborhoods. His top real estate team works southern Washington and most of northern Oregon. Principal Broker in Oregon, Managing Broker in Washington, Stephen is with eXp Realty.

We Heart Portland.

In our own personal journey of discovering Portland, we’ve learned a lot about the openness and warmth of the people, the history, the rich culture, and unique Northwestern lifestyle that makes our city such a wonderful place to live. Portlanders are often asked “How can you deal with all that rain?”, but once you discover everything that makes our town so special, and so very livable–you understand.

If you are thinking about moving to Portland, then enjoy hunting through the neighborhood guides to get a feel for which location will best suit your desired lifestyle. If you’re a Portland local, enjoy browsing and learning about the best places to visit or hang out. Portland is made of 95+ separate communities and the sense of neighborhood pride runs deep. This website will always be a work in progress, and will be enhanced based upon your feedback.  Want to reach us? Got some ideas? Want to submit some content? Contact Us. Thanks for visiting!