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The Centennial neighborhood is located in East Portland. It is bordered by the Hazelwood, Glenfair, Pleasant Valley, and Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhoods. Centennial is one of the largest neighborhoods on the Eastern border and covers a wide array of demographics. It also borders the city of Gresham and has its own school district. Interestingly, there are two Centennial neighborhoods – one in Portland and one in Gresham.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Eastern Portland neighborhoods, they can feel so much different than ones located closer to the city center. Centennial is a veritable melting pot, with people of different faiths, cultures, and backgrounds living and working together. You needn’t look farther than the fact that Centennial has a Chinese temple, a Korean Buddhist temple, multiple Christian churches, and an Ethiopian Orthodox church – all within its borders.

Centennial spans some of the major streets and thoroughfares through Portland, including Powell, Division, and Stark streets. Public transportation is never far out of reach, and many businesses are within walking distance.

Centennial Businesses of Note

Considering that this neighborhood covers two of the biggest streets in Portland – Powell and Division, there are plenty of businesses in the area. Centennial has a diverse mix of locally-owned shops and chain restaurants, so there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights you can discover here.

Speakeasy Lounge

Tucked away in the shopping center along Stark and 162nd, the Speakeasy Lounge lives up to its name with an unassuming storefront. Inside, you’ll find a wide array of beverage options, as well as a limited food menu in case you need to soak up some of the alcohol. The Lounge can get crowded on weekends, so be sure to plan accordingly. They also have taco Tuesdays, so you have even more reason to check it out during the week.

Speakeasy Lounge – 545 SE 162nd ave

Regal Theaters – Division St

Although Portland is home to many eclectic and quirky movie theaters, Regal is always a good option when you want to catch a flick with friends or family. This theater is the hotspot for local entertainment, and lines can be out the door on premier weekends.

Fortunately, the theater has been upgraded in recent years, so you can experience the luxury of reclining seats and a brand-new menu with a selection of beers and wine. Nothing makes a movie more enjoyable than sipping on a delicious brew.

Regal Division – 16603 SE Division

Canna-Daddy’s Wellness Center Dispensary

Ever since marijuana was legalized in Portland, dispensaries have popped up all over the place. In fact, there’s even an app to help you find the one closest to you at any given time. Fortunately, Centennial residents don’t have to travel far for high-quality bud, as Canna-Daddy’s offers some of the best weed for your money.

Because the pot market in Portland is booming, dispensaries have to come up with new ways to stay competitive. At Canna-Daddy’s you get personalized service from expert-level staff. That’s modern Portland for you – a boutique-level experience when purchasing your high-grade Mary Jane.

Canna-Daddy’s – 17020 SE Division st

Aardvark Tattoo

Along with dispensaries, tattoo parlors are another Portland mainstay that you can find almost anywhere. Aardvark Tattoo is notable because they specialize in custom-made artwork for your body. Don’t come in expecting to get a “mom” tattoo on your shoulder – you’ll need to be a bit more creative than that. Each piece is crafted with skill and precision, turning your skin into a masterpiece. Here, tattooing is much more than a hobby – it’s a way of life.

Aardvark Tattoo – 14804 SE Powell Blvd


Centennial is not lacking in green spaces – there are two city parks inside the neighborhood, and it borders the gorgeous Powell Butte Park to the South. Whether you want a leisurely stroll with the family or you just want to enjoy the weather, Centennial parks are an excellent place to hang out.

Parklane Park – at 25 acres, you have more than enough room to spread out. Parklane is notable, thanks to its basketball court, playground, soccer field, and baseball diamond. This park also has a Portland Loo, just in case you need to take care of business while you’re here.

Lynchview Park – before you start getting the wrong impression, Lynchview is named after local founder Patrich Lynch. This green space is not maintained by the City of Portland, but it serves as a gathering place for many of the residents that surround it.

Powell Butte Nature Park – for those who want more activity in their outdoor excursions, Powell Butte is the perfect choice. This park covers over 600 acres and contains numerous trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. You wouldn’t believe that a major metropolis is just around the corner, as it’s easy to get lost in nature here.

Off-Leash Dog Parks

Community Resources

Neighborhood Information

Eastern Portland Neighborhood Association

Centennial Schools

Residents of this neighborhood have a wealth of elementary school options, both within and outside of the Portland Public School system. There is also a Montessori school within its boundaries. Centennial covers such a broad area that it has its own school district that encompasses both Gresham and Portland.

Elementary School

Oliver Elementary

Parklane Elementary

Alder Elementary

Patrick Lynch Elementary

Powell Butte Elementary

Middle School

Centennial Middle School

High School

Centennial High School

Neighborhood Vibe

Depending on where you live in Centennial, you’ll get to experience a diverse assortment of cultures. The neighborhood has large Hispanic and Asian populations, which are reflected in the various stores, supermarkets, and religious organizations in the area. Centennial is perfect for families and renters, as it’s close to a broad assortment of shops, retail outlets, and public transit.


Zip Code 97233

Local Crime Stats


Real Estate

Centennial is a highly diverse neighborhood with many families, cultures, and backgrounds. As with other Eastern Portland neighborhoods, homes are more affordable here because they are not as close to the city center. However, you still get all of the benefits of being in Portland, including easy access to public transportation and plenty of shops and businesses within walking distance. Centennial is a great mix of commercial and residential areas.

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