West Portland Park Neighborhood

West Portland Park is located in Southwest Portland. It is bordered by the Far Southwest, Multnomah, Markham, Arnold Creek neighborhoods, and Lake Oswego.

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Features of West Portland Park Neighborhood

Like other Southwest neighborhoods in Portland, West Portland Park offers residents a suburban lifestyle.

The neighborhood boasts parks and natural areas, making it a great place to live for families and dog lovers. Skatespot, located inside Holly Farm Park, is ideal for burgeoning skateboarders.

The commute to downtown Portland is a mere 10 minutes, and several dining establishments are within walking distance.

West Portland Park Businesses of Note

Taiwan Bistro

Taiwan Bistro offers a variety of combo plates, perfect for big appetites. Meat lovers can revel in dishes that feature Taiwanese sausage, beef shank, or pork ear. They also serve delicious meat-focused options wrapped in a warm steamed bun. There’s plenty for vegetarians, too: braised sea kelp, garlic cucumber salad, and noodle and rice dishes loaded with vegetables, to name a few. Their bentos pack all the delicious items on their menu in a convenient box for you to pick and take with you when you’re on the go.

Taiwan Bistro – 11136 Southwest Capitol Highway

Bullseye Pub

Bullseye’s wraps are delicious, and word has it that the fries alone are worth a visit. If you’re a person who likes breakfast for dinner, you’re in luck. They serve the first meal of the day all day long. Prefer dining outside, even when the weather turns? Bullseye’s outdoor seating area is heated. Inside is warm and cozy, too, and offers multiple TVs so you can catch all your must-see games.

Bullseye Pub – 4835 SW Pomona St.

Happy Fortune

Searching for some scrumptious MSG-free Chinese food? Look no further. Not only does Happy Fortune not add it to their recipes, but they also cater to vegetarians, vegans, and people with food sensitivities.

Start with a crab puff appetizer, then follow that up with a nourishing bowl of egg flower soup. For a full meal, savor one of their entrees—featuring beef, chicken, pork, or tofu—or go for a combo meal and add a few extras and sides. Enjoy it all with a piping hot cup of oolong tea.

Happy Fortune – 10420 SW Barbur Blvd

SHO | Japanese

The menu at SHO is a cornucopia of variety and goodness. Any lover of Japanese cuisine won’t be disappointed by their delectable fare. The sushi is a must-have, and if you’re looking for a complement to accompany their beautifully presented rolls, consider the miso or ebi wonton ramen or maybe the grilled salmon or broiled mahi mahi salad.

SHO also has a kids’ menu for young Japanese food lovers and party platters for large groups. For dessert… who doesn’t love mochi ice cream?!

SHO | Japanese – 10100 SW Barbur Blvd

Brothers Wings & Bings

So, what’s a bing? It’s a type of bread that originated in China, thin and crispy on the outside, a little chewy on the inside. At Brothers Wings & Bings you can get yours stuffed with a marinated meat of your choice or egg and veggies.

Having a gathering or celebration? Surprise your guests with Brother’s mouthwatering wings and a few of their party trays. Whether you choose spring rolls, pot stickers, or one of their many fried rice trays, your guests will love the departure from the usual party fare.

If you want to try something on the exotic side, they offer roasted eel or fried squid rings.

Brothers Wings & Bings – 10075 SW Barbur Blvd #4

West Portland Park Neighborhood Parks

Holly Farm Park

Loll Wildwood Natural Area

Kerr Natural Area

West Portland Park Community Resources

West Portland Park Neighborhood Information

Neighborhood Association Website

Capitol Hill Library

West Portland Park Schools

Elementary school: Markham Elementary School
Middle school: Jackson Middle School
High school: Ida B. Wells High School

West Portland Park Neighborhood Vibe

West Portland Park has a great mix of suburban, rural areas, and green spaces with plenty of family-friendly

West Portland Park Neighborhood Stats

Zip Code 97219

Census Data

Local Crime Stats

West Portland Park Neighborhood Real Estate

A variety of home styles can be found in this Portland neighborhood.

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